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For those that are just starting the tww. Join me. Post your dpo and symptoms. If someone gets a bfp at the end, we can all see the NEW tell tale symptom, if any.
As of today, 1 dpo. Sore boobs..which is typical pms for me.

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Today my sister's friend found out the gender of her baby and made the big announcement on facebook. When I seen it I nearly broke down in tears.

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11 months ago

Well af is meant to be due today....cd30, 14 dpo...I’ve saved my fmu but I’m scared to test....think I might just hold out to see what happens and test tomorrow...rather have af than see another negative

11 months ago

Wow Amy how are you holding off. I do understand how Af is easier to swallow than another negative. I have just had a read through, and all your stories could have been me writing them, timing b’ding, hubby not interested, etc. 11 yrs in total we endured that. I am however a total poas addict, that I am embarrassed.
So I just need to get this off my chest. I am three days late, the last yr af has been regular 28ish days. I always get really sore boobs as sign of af. This month nothing. I have tested tons and most negative, I have had two test with squinters but literally dry negative. I don’t feel pregnant, and don’t feel that af is going to arrive. I have used all my Ic’s and am resisting buying more, as I really need to break the poas addiction. My cervix is high and hard. I can’t work out if I am just having a long cycle, pregnant or going mad. I am just going to wait this out. Sorry for jumping on the thread and not being active, busy homeschooling three children, and working. Whilst trying to not guess at what my body is doing. Xx

11 months ago

Hey Gezzy ....well I did it...I caved in....of course if was a stupid bfn ugghhh ...
Gezzy it’s hard isn’t it...I’ve always had pretty regular cycles but my last two were 32 and 34 days...the excitement of being so late and then af showing up was just horrible....I really hope you get you bfp ... was am keeping my fingers crossed for you this test just came straight up with an crap too...I’ve just spent about ten minutes staring at it!

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11 months ago

So I’ve just put my picture up on my photos...and when I used the saturation tool it comes up with a big fat line....this didn’t happen with the other photos of tests that I took earlier...could this just be picking up a be so or the start of something or am I just clutching in to really really thread bear straws! I need brutal honesty ...slightly desperate crazy lady over here!

11 months ago

Amy had a quick look hun I know what you mean I can kind of see an outline but I would class that as a negative ... it’s so stressful last cycle I drove myself mad I acted all weird with my husband in a way when AF came I felt I could reset now I’m on CD7 and start testing with my clearblue fertility monitor tomorrow I can feel the anxiety rising Iv gone online and bought a crap load of internet cheapies why ? I promised myself I wouldn’t test till 10 dpo

Gezzy I feel your pain hun this is all such a mind F ! When fell pregnant late last year I wasn’t even trying .... now after the MMC as much as I try and calculate nothing ... I think we stress ourselves I’m going to try and have the approach of let it be and see how that serves me this month.

Much Love to you all

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11 months ago • Edited

BB yeah I know in my heart ...but ever the hopeful! Ah well just see what the next few days bring ....
Hope everyone is ok today x

11 months ago

Morning ladies! Im on cd12 and according to my app, its O day. Have had slight pain in the left side off and on along with twinges galore. Im exhausted, metallic taste in mouth and have only wanted to eat certain foods like I did when I was pregnant with my daughter.

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11 months ago

Can this day be any longer signs of af as of yet....boobs have become rather tender today like I’ve been doing Weight lifting or something so bit worried that it may be af gearing up ...but no cramps...

11 months ago

Hi everyone. Hope u all are still hanging in there.
I wanted to weigh in on those pic tweaking with the saturation.
I did the same thing with my test last month. Showed a faint line. Got all excited hoping..then took another test the next day...stark white...period came late that night.

I am hoping that those who tweak the photos and see a line, that ur line is def. a ...but I wouldnt put much stock in it.
As our dear fellow poster BB said a while back...a positive is a pisitive...u wont have to manipulate to see it.

Its a hurtful thing to think u see a line and then AF shows...
to everyone. Entering my fertile window in a few days.

11 months ago • Edited • Post starter

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