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Just starting TWW

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For those that are just starting the tww. Join me. Post your dpo and symptoms. If someone gets a bfp at the end, we can all see the NEW tell tale symptom, if any.
As of today, 1 dpo. Sore boobs..which is typical pms for me.

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Can this day be any longer signs of af as of yet....boobs have become rather tender today like I’ve been doing Weight lifting or something so bit worried that it may be af gearing up ...but no cramps...

11 months ago

Hi everyone. Hope u all are still hanging in there.
I wanted to weigh in on those pic tweaking with the saturation.
I did the same thing with my test last month. Showed a faint line. Got all excited hoping..then took another test the next day...stark white...period came late that night.

I am hoping that those who tweak the photos and see a line, that ur line is def. a ...but I wouldnt put much stock in it.
As our dear fellow poster BB said a while back...a positive is a pisitive...u wont have to manipulate to see it.

Its a hurtful thing to think u see a line and then AF shows...
to everyone. Entering my fertile window in a few days.

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For you Amy!!
Kudos to your will power

11 months ago • Post starter

Give it all you e got lady and thanks

11 months ago

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Well I enticed the DH to bd again tonight and have covered my fertile days to get that egg! Right now I'm starting to feel nauseated again. The pains in my left side and lower back have gone away after having them off and on all day. Im also feeling like this cycle is THE cycle.

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11 months ago

Good morning ladies hope you area all well ?
Amy any news?
Hberry sending you and love over this TWW x

Lady yep a positive is a positive !

His morning CD 8 my monitor told me to test only been using the monitor For 3 months now one was off my MMC So don’t really count that last two cycles exactly the same this one I got a high reading 3 days early !!! What could that mean I usually get 5 high then my peak

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11 months ago

Morning Ladies...
Ohh HBerry here’s to hoping good things come your way over the next couple of weeks...
I am now on this basis it is possible I have ovulated later than thought if I end up having another one of these weird ass long cycles....maybe my cycles will just be longer from now on? who knows what Mother Nature decides....anyway if I have then I have still got my BD covered for another couple of days ....boobs tender and fuller and cramping is same as the very beginning of af...niggly cramps and lower back but it never escalated just stayed the same...all could just be PMS but who knows ...what I have noticed is that my skin is rather clear at the moment...I usually get a nasty something along my jawline around my period...although i haven’t put an ounce of make up on for a month and half so that is probably helping (I am the lockdown mum in a big hoodie, leggings and a glass of wine in hand lol...although the wine is staring at me in the fridge saying why haven’t you drank me all week!!) took an IC this morning and chucked it In the bin after only analysing it for about five mins I don’t want to keep going back and finding something that potentially is not there...anyways we will see what the day brings ....Happy Saturday to you all x

11 months ago • Edited

Ah sorry BB, I didn’t see your post....nope nothing changed over here yet:..
I don’t know much about the monitor things...maybe I need to ramp up my game next month if I am out...could t hurt

11 months ago

Ladies is this possible ??? I took an OPK on 5/9 positive and first thing 5/10
I’m 6PDO today and took a hcg test with FMU and I swear I see a second line please tell me if you see it.
Made a bet with husband lol. Let me win this bet. ????

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11 months ago

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