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Just starting TWW

For those that are just starting the tww. Join me. Post your dpo and symptoms. If someone gets a bfp at the end, we can all see the NEW tell tale symptom, if any.
As of today, 1 dpo. Sore boobs..which is typical pms for me.

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It’s for real please stick sweet little one!

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10 months ago

Not this early, could be nothing, especially at 5dpo. But my timing was great this cycle, so hopefully I have a couple pretty pink lines in my near future!
And I hope you do, too!

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11 months ago

I told myself that I will wait until af is
Ur will power is strong. I would have peed on about 20 test strips already!.

Your symptoms sound very very promising.
for you I hope!!

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10 months ago • Post starter

I know lady I see lines in every test I do

Reminds me of when I had my second child the age gap is 7 years I was in the hospital telling the nurses I was in Labour they were telling me I’m not one nurse said you will know when you are there will be no doubt about it! And boy was she right!!! Moral of the story loosely I won’t have to squint manipulate and examine and re examine my test if it’s a bfp I will know lol

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10 months ago

Don't go into depression mode, love. It will do more harm than good to your body.
My last pregnancy took 7 years to happen, however I have never experienced a miscarriage within those 7 years, although maybe there were chemicals, I just never caught them. So although I know it hurts, I truly don't know how it feels. I do know that going into depression mode would work against you.
Anger is ok....but don't dwell on it.
It's not your fault. Sometimes our bodies reject an embryo if something genetically is wrong.

I beileve you will get that little one. This may just be your month. You have a group of people here who support you.
It's going to be well!

10 months ago • Post starter

Kahlan - Sending you hugs, my dear. I can only imagine the pain. Allowing yourself to honor what you lost is so important, and so is working to believe that you have brighter days to come. I'm always here if you want to chat. I've struggled with depression/anxiety as I think you mentioned, too...

10 months ago

Hey sunny daze ...
Your symptoms sound very similar to mine...I am 9dpo today and had brown cm a couple of days ago...been very crampy also, especially today with weird gloopy/yellow ish cm (isn’t it weird when we all say sorry tmi...but actually when I am reading forums I like to know every details ).... I can’t confirm about a bfp but I hope so for both of us

10 months ago

Hi Sunny and welcome!
Your symptoms sound very promising. Spotting could be implantation which normally happens around that time frame 8dpo.
Ive never had implantation alot about it from other women tho. I have had the cramps tho....but cramps can also be pms.
I would test in 2 days.

10 months ago • Post starter

That looks like to me!!

10 months ago • Post starter

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