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I will NEVER Understand???

My sil messaged me and let me know her cousin had just had her 4th baby. Her other 3 are in Foster care and she called ahead to let the hospital know the baby would test positive for drugs. She went in at 8 centimeters, and had a smooth delivery. Had a healthy 7 lb baby boy, and the next day She walked away from him. Left him there without a mommy, Without outfits, and without a home. My sister in law's sister is suppose to be taking him. And here I am today feeling so low. 12 dpo and no sign or hint of a line. I'm feeling a tad angry with God today and I just dont understand? No 2020 baby here. I have a hope chest with tons of cute baby boy stuff Ive picked up the last couple years on sale or clearanced. I will probably give it to this baby. I don't feel that Ill ever get the chance to use it. I habr lots of baby girl stuff too that Ive picked up. Will find someone who can use it. Im 35, and my chamces of having another baby get lower and lower with each year that passes. I feel so defeated.


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That breaks my heart that she left the baby without a mommy . The boy didn't do anything wrong. I sure hope the doctors tied her tubes this go around as people like that (addicts) shouldn't be reproducing.

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2 years ago

Mill.. I felt this

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2 years ago

That is heartbreaking! Poor little boy. A baby should be wrapped in love. That is so heartless!! You must feel so upset and frustrated. Why does a completely cold hearted person get to have a baby?? I am sending you baby dust.


6 months ago

Please don't give up on yourself at 35. That is not old at all. I hadn't even met my daughter's father at 35! Lots of hugs and baby dust to you... xxx

5 months ago

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