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Need help. Chart expert here. Anyone else? CP?

Hello ladies! I've been charting and temping even when NTNP and TTC. I have two sons 8& 9. I have been charting for 10 years. Recently switched to vaginal temps because my oral is so erratic and effected by the smallest things.

Okay I'm only going to list BBT facts.
I O on CD 19-20
LP is always 12-13 days
Temp ALWAYS starts dropping at 10dpo before AF and I ALWAYS get brown spotting on 10dpo-AF.
My breasts and nipples hurt from O UNTIL 7dpo. Then it returns on Cd1-2.
I get EWCM maybe once every 6 cycles.
I typically have such little CM it's very difficult to track. Creamy. Sticky. Wet. Very difficult. I dont produce a lot.

March: currently 13 dpo on cd33.

Temped and confirmed O on CD20. BD days good. Weird month for me..

Ovulated on que. (See pic)

Had a weird 4 day dip. Wasnt significant for me.
7dpo- BBs are hurting worse than from O symptoms instead of easing away.

Temps are less erratic a d higher.

8dpo- weird weird chills and feeling hot. Woke up sweating.

9dpo-now: Tons of creamy CM. Faint BFP. (FRER)

10dpo- waves of nausea all day (hasn't happened in 8 years) faint BFP. (FRER)

11dpo- didn't test figured I'd wait till the end of the 48 hour HCG spike IF I was pregnant. Had to go to the bathroom all day because I thought AF came when instead it was a weird watery white tinted CM in ABUNDANCE.

12dpo- same.

13dpo- tested. 1 day late. BFN? ( FRER 6 days) temp fell. Still a flow of watery white CM. Sore BBs.

This is what's weird. I've made the mistake of wanting an evap to be a BFP so badly I I convinced myself and embarrassed myself for years with my family. Grew up and quit that symptom spotting placebo I was doing to myself 6 years ago.

9dpo I thought this is it! All of the other symptoms supported this. But all FRER had a faint or now today BFN.

I have friends on another forum and I noticed this year people were getting BFP on digital BEFORE FRER and posted photos and etc.. and I csnt help but to believe I'm pregnant and it's just these damn tests. I feel like I'm angry and proving them wrong because I just know. But then I doubt because of the test results.

Should I waste the money and get a digital? Should I take the temp dip as a sign even tho mg AF signs aren't there..

I really need a TTC buddy. Been doing it solo for years and that 9dpo BFP killed me.. I mean idk if I can go on if this is a CP.

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Oh love...I 100% can understand what you’re feeling! I’ve had 2 CP’s and they are so hard! The only thing you can do right now is test every couple of days until AF shows up. I’m so hoping this isn’t a CP for you

7 months ago

I’m so sorry you have to go through this! You seem like you know what is going on with your body so I’m not gonna charge it to misread symptoms. I either believe that you got some crappy frers which is very usual lately or unfortunately you’re experiencing a CP or lastly your tests just are slow to show which I highly wish for you if this is what you also wish for!
I would suggest to wait for 2-3 days if you have the strength and if Af doesn’t show her face then to give it a shot. From my personal experience I learned that as many tests I have around me the most obsessive I am.
Whatever you decide please know that you can come back here any time and let it all out. I find this site so helpful in my worst times while ttc.
I really hope you get the results you wish for soon!

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7 months ago

I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant! From ovulating on cd9 of July! Had a cp in April and a sticky bean in july :)

37 days ago • Post starter

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