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New here...A little about me

My Dh and I JUST started ttc again, this will be our 2nd together and my 5th. We have all boys and would LOVE a little girl, but would be happy to have another boy.

1 week before we married we found out we were pregnant and on Mirana, 3 days before our wedding, I miscarried. After talking about it we decided to keep start actually trying for another one. 3 years and 6 miscarriages later, we split up and 6 months later, got back together and now have a very, handsome, smart little boy who is 18 months old.

We just started ttc last week and luckily my fertile period is NOW so I am hoping that with any luck we will get our bfp the last week of June :)

I am really nervous about the possibility of having to wait 3 years ago, more meds, drs appts etc..

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Hi there. A very big welcome to you and loads of babydust! X

5 years ago

Hi! Im pretty new too. I'm trying for baby #3! to you

5 years ago

Welcome! I am new here also. Here's to getting BFP's!!!!

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5 years ago

hello! i am new also and ttc my 2nd. best wishes to you in your journey to conceive, again! =)

5 years ago

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