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I need help with the bbt chart

I started charting last month, and last LP was 13 days. I know it can vary from month to month, but it still gives hope that the AF didn't show up today. Also, last month 2 days before AF temp started dropping. As you can see, today is the day of my expected period, and after 3 days of flat temps, it shoots up higher than any other this month. What I want to know is - did anyone had this happen and end up with BFP? I have no to little symptoms of AF or pregnancy, only what's different is that my boobs are tender all over on all the sides. I usually have tender boobs, but only on the sides, near the arm. Thanks for any input!

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4 Replies • 8 weeks ago



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Hello there! It’s common for LP to vary 1-2 days but not that common. It’s more usual for ovulation day to vary than LP. One temp spike cannot tell much since you still have to see the whole picture. If it keeps going up tomorrow I would suggest you to take a hpt since you will be officially late. If your period is not stable and you are afraid of the disappointment of a negative test then maybe you should wait for a few days.
I’ve never been pregnant so I cannot share with you a successful similar story but I usually ovulate at the same time frame as I see on your chart and I also have same LP as you. I have very stable cycle. I’m charting almost 2 years now and if I had this same chart as yours I would for sure be almost certain that I’m pregnant! I don’t want to get your hopes up but that would be for me!
I wish you get your bfp soon!

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8 weeks ago • Edited

Thank you for your input!
Well, I thought that I might be one of those lucky ladies who could have positive hpt in the middle of the day, so I did one and sure as day, it's negative :( but, AF is not here yet, so I'll try to be cautiously optimistic and try again tomorrow if she doesn't show up. And new temp will show some light on the situation too. My cycles can vary from 23 - 28 days, today is only 26, so I'm not putting my hopes up just yet. It's just weird to see the temp going up so high when it should be low.

8 weeks ago • Post starter

What ended up happening?

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8 weeks ago

Well, my temp went down the next day and AF came, unfortunately

14 days ago • Post starter

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