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Please help! MMC- meds not working

Discovered that my pregnancy is a missed miscarriage yesterday at my first scan. Should have been 8w2d confirmed by OPK and temp rise, but baby measured 6w4d and had no heartbeat. My Dr. gave Misoprostol to induce miscarriage. I took the first dose yesterday afternoon. Got the nausea, severe diarrhea, cramping and contractions... no bleeding. Since the bleeding didn’t start- I took a second dose 12 hours later (in the middle of the night). This time, same symptoms but much milder. Still no bleeding and it’s been about 7 hours.

Has this happened to anyone else? My previous missed miscarriage my Dr. (different dr.) inserted it vaginally, and the bleeding started within an hour.

If it doesn’t work, I’m worried I will have to have a D&C.

Anyone have any experience with the Meds failing? What was the next step?

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6 Answers • 8 weeks ago



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Just wanted to say I am very sorry to read this. I have been on the boards for a long time now and was happy for you. I had a MMC several years back and had D&C, it wasn't bad and everything was over relatively quick. Can I ask if you had reduced symptoms or anything noticeable. I saw baby at 7 weeks an go next Monday at 11 weeks and I am just so nervous about having another MMC. If you dont want to discuss it I understand that too. Again I am sorry you are going through this again.

8 weeks ago

I’m sorry! I had to take the tablets last year and they didn’t work, 5 days later I had to have a scan which showed it was still there then a dc. Sorry probably what you didn’t want to hear. They could still work tho. Much love Xxx

8 weeks ago

Semcglaun- at around 6 1/2 weeks (about when baby stopped progressing) my fatigue lifted and my boobs were much less sore, but still slightly tender. Those were the only symptoms I had, so I was very concerned when they let up. The same thing happened with my first MMC.

Missybev- my first pregnancy was a MMC as well- and dr inserted the same pills vaginally and it works so fast. This time it’s not. Hopefully my body catches this on its own. I would rather not have a D&C. But- I really want this pregnancy resolved so that I can get back on the TTC train and try for another

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8 weeks ago • Post starter

I am so sorry for your loss. My hear and thoughts are with you.

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8 weeks ago

I’m so sorry for your loss! I have no insight into the pill but i am an operating room nurse and perform D&Cs quite regularly. Knowing how simple of a procedure it is i would personally gladly chose that over expelling it naturally/or w medication. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure :)

7 weeks ago

Thanks Thetungets. The meds failed twice, but the third time I inserted them vaginally and the worked within 3 or 4 hours. In the week between discovering no heartbeat and finally miscarrying, I was able to come to terms with the loss, so the miscarriage was a relief rather than adding to the pain. It was so much better than my first was a stressful week, but I think it worked to my advantage, as long as my loss proves complete!

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7 weeks ago • Post starter

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