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Back at it sorta

I am now a married woman after a stressful week. On Friday, I was getting ready for my wedding when the venue called 3 hours before and said sorry the city will shut us down if we proceed with your wedsing. DANG Corona. So, as I panicked my dad called my aunt who offered up her backyard and within 5 hours I was married to the love of my life surrounded by my family and close friends

We took off to Chattanooga for a mini quartained honeymoon of snuggling, sleeping, and watching tv.

BDing has started and I am midcycle. So, we are back to TTC. Our specialists appoint for March 31st might well 99.9% sure it will be canceled till the Corona mess is over. But God has a plan and I am sure he will bless us soon.

Glad to be back.

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So glad you were able to tie the knot! Sometimes it really just is a timing thing! In June I will hit the 2 year mark trying for #2! Its starting to get to me again, I just have to know sometimes it just takes a little extra time for some!


7 days ago

Bug congratulations babe!! I wish both of you a life full of happiness! That’s a story to remember and I’m sure after all of this will be over you’ll keep this memory as something so precious! Are you planning to do a wedding party for all your guests that couldn’t be there after the quarantine?
Hopefully your little snuggly honeymoon will trigger a bfp cycle!!! Wishing you all the best!!

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6 days ago

@milli thanks. July will be 2 years for us minus one month for #1. The past month has been stress free on the TTC front but now I have a fear it will returned since we are now back to BDing.

@Alex thanks. Yes a story we will never forget. We might do a party not sure yet. It would be nice to get a BFP this cycle but trying to not put to much pressure on it since I have no idea when I will be ovulating.

As, I predicted my appointment was canceled next available dates is in June. Stupid corona. Maybe we will not need it but just sucks.

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“Everything happens for a reason” we say that a lot where I live! You just never know.. keep the faith!!!

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5 days ago

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