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Measurements smaller than expected and low progesterone

Background information: Chemical pregnancy last year, suspect (but not diagnosed with) PCOS. Irregular periods. Three prior full term pregnancies, all relatively uneventful with little to very mild early symptoms.
I had several positive pregnancy tests, starting on Feb 1st. Based on LMP, we made an "8 week" appointment for Feb 18th. I knew the dates would be off, because my cycle is always longer than 28 days... usually between 34 and 42, but had a 54 day cycle last year.
Ultrasound showed a gestational sac measuring 5 weeks. They did an HCG and progesterone test. The nurse called and told me my progesterone came back at 2.5. She didn't tell me my HCG level, but said that with progesterone that low it didn't look good. I saw a midwife on the 18th, who told me that we could rule out ectopic pregnancy because of the ultrasound showing a gestational sac in the uterus, but evidently the doctor looking at the lab results didn't see that part so he was having the nurse try to get me back in sooner to check for that.
I've accepted that this pregnancy doesn't have good chances, but so far my body doesn't feel like it's anywhere close to having a miscarriage. I'm supposed to go back for an ultrasound on Tuesday. If I don't miscarry before then, is there anything I should have the doctor look for? Should I give it more time before taking any steps to speed things along? I'm 41, so time isn't exactly my friend but I don't want to be hasty either.

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If you got your positive test on Feb 1st, it’s possible you could be about 6 weeks based on ovulation (that’s if you got a BFP on the early side like 8 or 9 dpo). There’s really nothing you can do between now and Tuesday—I know that wait will feel like forever, but if there’s no change in what they see on US you may want to ask to take measures to speed things along then. Definitely ask for a repeat hcg, and do they see something new like a yolk sac. I am not a professional just have been through the early pregnancy ultrasounds and testing a lot. I would think they’d be more concerned about whether or not your hcg is high enough that they should be able to see more than just a gestational sac on ultrasound. If your hcg isn’t up to a certain level (not sure what) they won’t see much. As for the progesterone, that is really low. Mine was 9 or 10 with my second daughter around 5 weeks and I was put on supplements. I am so sorry you’re stuck this weekend with no real answer. Hang in there until Tuesday

3 months ago

Thanks! The midwife wasn't really concerned about the ultrasound, but doing the math I realized either something was off or I got a *really* early positive. She only ordered the lab
work after I pointed that out. If I've ever had my progesterone levels checked before, nobody told me what my levels were. I know my results were low enough to be a really bad sign, if accurate. This is my first time at that office, and knowing the doctor didn't look at my ultrasound before calling to suggest it might be ectopic doesn't exactly instill confidence. I'm bracing myself for the worst, though... been wearing a pad since that phone call.

3 months ago • Post starter

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