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Late BFP stories please!

Hi all.

I really need to hear some BFP stories from some people. I'm having a bit of a mental breakdown.

I've gone as far as downloading 3 apps in the hopes of some answers...

App 1: Fitbit App
According to Fitbit app:
Period should've started 16/02/20
Ovulation was on 02/02/20
Currently 3 Days late with my AF today (19/02/20)
"puts me at 17DPO"

App 2: Flo App
According to Flo app:
Period should've started 17/02/20
Ovulation was on 02/02/20
Currently 2 Days late with my AF today (19/02/20)
"puts me at 17 DPO"

App 3: Countdown to Pregnancy App
According to C2P app:
Period should've started 16/02/20
Ovulation was on 03/02/20
Currently 3 Days late with my AF today (19/02/20)
"puts me at 16 DPO"

I did a test this morning and it couldn't be more BIG FAT NO !
Still no AF

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Hi there! I’m sorry I don’t have any success story to share since I never been pregnant but I couldn’t just read and leave. I feel your agony since I’ve been there so many times and nothing I can say now can make it easier but please know that you’re few days away from knowing and you got this! When I personally get in my super agonizing mode I find it better to accept that I’m not pregnant so when AF comes it will be easier for me. And If you’re pregnant it will be the best outcome. The other way around is more painful!
Fingers crossed you’ll get your bfp soon!

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10 months ago

Hi Alexplpl,

Thanks for your words however unfortunately AF came today in full force. I passed a rather significant blood clot this am and have been having my normal AF cramps and flow.

Guess I'll be trying again next month. My cycle is way out now. :(

But thanks for you comment.

10 months ago • Post starter

I’m so sorry! Hopefully this cycle will be a successful one!

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9 months ago

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