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TWW after an "Oops!"

So we had been TTA with NFP/FAM since the birth of our son because of some health issues both mental and physical (which have improved quite a bit, but we still didn't feel ready) and then I came home from being overseas visiting my family for 2 months, and we kinda ignored some of the rules, and well, here I am.

We bd on Monday morning before DH had to leave for a week long work trip, Sunday had been a dry day, and I checked internally on Monday morning before our encounter and there was no cm.

Well by Monday night there was EWCM that continued for a couple days!

And according to STM I ovulated on Thursday! So I totally have a chance here.

We're actually so so happy this happened, because this "scare" has been just the nudge we needed to realize that we are ready to TTC again.

On Friday I got the flu, so I haven't even bothered to temp continually because my temps have been erratic, but the few temps I got show a temp shift.

The only symptom I have at this point that's odd for me is clear skin, but that could be caused by having been on antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Currently 8dpo by my calculations, going to test at 10 dpo (when I got my bfp with my son!) and I'm armed with 7 frers and 2 supermarket cheapies! I got the 7 pack of frers so that once I get a positive I can see the line progress. I had a chemical before my son which was very traumatic for me, and I just need the reassurance.

Wish me luck!

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