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BFP After ALL this time!!

I got my first BFP 10 dpo and today (12 dpo) it's only getting darker and darker. I still feel like I'm dreaming this all. We've wanted this for SO long and it's finally here. It hasn't been an easy road due to endometriosis, but it's going to be SO worth the wait. I just can't wait to meet our beautiful baby! Our first appointment wont be till July 17th. I'll be 8 weeks by then!! I'm due February 26, 2013, 2 days before my birthday! WHAT a birthday gift that will be!! God is so good and has answered our prayers. Thank you God, you are so much more than awesome! *sigh* Now I pray that this will be a healthy and safe 9 months. :-)

Good luck!! Prayers that soon we'll all see our

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy for you!!! Im in the 2WW, only 2dpo so i have a while yet, i am hoping this cycle worked because i would also be due right in time for my bday:)
Anyway, Im so happy to hear about your news, its nice to see some people can actually get a BFP, lol
Hope you have a fantastic 9 months and feel happy and healthy!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers;)

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I read this and was like.. I'm 11DPO!!! And I want to test SOOOOO bad but Im trying to be patent! What kind of symptoms were you having?!

What an amazing blessing! Definitely going to send praises up today!!!

"Whatever is to be, must be" - Bob Marley

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Thank you so much! We are totally stoked!! I'm 15 dpo today and had a blood test to confirm it yesterday. So it's official that I'm gonna be a mommy! FINALLY!! My symptoms today are:

Tender breast and underarms, I already switched to sports bras because my wire ones kill!!!

slight nausea, but not too bad, yet
dull cramping
sensitive to smells
increased appetite
food aversion
sensitive/sore nipples
darkening areolas
Montgomery tubercles, which is weird, only 3
Increased Urination
increased cervical fluid
stuffy nose
headache, but on and off throughout the day
and some new cravings

My husband already took me crib shopping because he's so excited and we already picked the one we love. He wants to get it NOW and set it up already so when our parents come to visit soon, we can ask them for opinions on the decoration of the room and lead them into the surprise. lol. He's SO cute about all this!

Keep me updated on y'all's tests and stuff too!! I'm still praying for y'all. Do not lose your faith! Believe that God has a plan for you. If you dwell in His name and live for him, he will give you the desires of you heart.

Good luck!! Prayers that soon we'll all see our

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