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Pregnant on Skyla IUD?

Hey guys,

I’m extremely concerned, however this wasn’t a concern until my friend decided to make it one. I’ve had a trying past with cramps and ovarian cysts and endo. I switched docs and he wanted me to try the Skyla IUD which I love thus far... I do have a couple of health issues otherwise, nothing major at all my immune system just hates me. I have been like having a constant cold, just overall haven’t been feeling too great, this week my taste buds were kind of off. I woke up and used the toothpaste I have been using forever and it tasted like crap, I’ve been having like a constant dull headache, and today I was so excited for my moms dinner, and then I sat down and lost it all then felt better. She suggested I could be pregnant. So here’s what’s been going on this far in 2020.
Period 12/22
Sex 01/02
Ovulation day 01/04
Cramping 01/06
Spotting 1 day and cramping 01/15
I do have the Skyla IUD which is 99% effective. My biggest questions is thoughts on 1 what to do and 2 what do you guys think about my symptoms do you think they’re pregnancy related? My period is literally due today but I had to ask someone lol. Thanks.

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8 months ago

If your period is due today and you don’t get it you should take a pregnancy test. At this point in your cycle if you are pregnant there is a high chance it will be positive.

8 months ago


8 months ago

Definitely test. I had a Mirena. It made me feel terrible. Some people’s body just don’t handle foreign objects well. Your immune system may be off from that. Cal OB immediately if you get a positive. Tubal pregnancy is common with an IUD and needs to be caught ASAP. BEst of luck. Keep us posted

8 months ago

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