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Very strong cramps...Ovulation?

Good morning,

Full 1st week of the new decades is in the books. At work, things are alright, dealing with kids, so I started working out. I even started running. Got an app to help me with that. I will need to buy running shoes for flat feet :-) lol. I'm managing my stress better. With DH, we are going on a light date today. Celebrating a full week of just loving on each other and no argument at all. Spiritually, I have started praying more and will continue. Reading the scriptures everyday do help too. This upcoming week , I really want to focus on my nutrition and more yoga (at home). I am definitely taking every new thing slow because I m building habits and do not want to get overwhelm and quit or make myself failed.
I am in CD 14, yesterday CD 13, I had the strongest cramps ever. I could feel it around my fallopian tubes especially the left one. That pain reminded me of the mild cramping I had post hsg last Friday , a week ago, and of labor cramps. They were so bad, I could not pay on my back or walk. I felt them building up for 30mns. DH and I managed to bd (about 3x total for this week) and I powered through the pains because I have a feeling , those were ovulation cramps. They lasted between 45mns-1hr. I had a couple of ibuprofen which help. What do you all thing? I took a cheapy opk test yesterday and it looked positive. This morning, another one look negative. So I am probably ovulating or will be in the next 12-24hrs. My meds got updated: double thyroid meds, double iron pills, more but C as well. Follow up will be 1st week of Feb. Hopefully it is ov and we caught that egg. I really would love my babies to be 3y apart.

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Yup, sounds like ovulation cramps. Really hoping it's your month

1 year ago

Thank you@Angela. Congratulations on your bfp. You are truly brave and just know that God can only give you what you can handle and will always provide solutions to all your needs. Keep strong and keep the faith. I hope that we caught the egg. Will know in 2weeks.

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