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Ovulate early after chemical?

I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle, and I was just wondering what your cycle was like after a chemical. My OPK’s are getting darker faster than usual, and my cervix stayed higher and specter than usual and is only feeling more fertile as my cycle progresses. I’m just curious about other’s experiences after a chemical pregnancy. Did you ovulate early, late, on time. Did you have a successful pregnancy the following cycle, or did it take a few months to conceive, etc... I’m on CD9 and just biding my time and looking forward to this new opportunity! Good luck to everyone trying for their little miracles!

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Well, mine was a loss at about 7 weeks, so not quite the same, but I ovulated like 3 weeks after without a period yet. I’m currently 5/6 dpo so don’t know if we were successful or not yet. For me it seemed to take a bit to finally ovulate, but maybe it’s because I was ready to move on and was anxious for my cycle to start. Hope you have a fruitful cycle back xo

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I had a chemical in January 2019 (AF came 2 days after BFP) and ovulated about on-time the following cycle. The cycle after CP was BFN and then i got a BFP the following cycle but ended as a blighted ovum at 7w1d. I got my next BFP July 22nd and currently 26w3d with my rainbow! I got my sticky BFP after starting metformin in June (i have mild PCOS) so i think that is what did the trick for me (this is my first attempt at TTC)! Good luck to you!

1 year ago

Lissa- congrats on your rainbow baby, and I’m sorry for your losses.

Angela- I’ve been following your journey For a bit now, and I am so hoping this cycle will give you your
AFM- CD11 now and my OPK dropped a bit. Guessing I will O pretty close to the same time this cycle. I can’t wait to start that agonizing TWW!

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