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Period came on early

My period suppose to come on the 28th of this month but today and last night I started spotting light pink.. My period never come on early..

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I don’t want to get your hopes up but If it doesn’t come full flow don’t count yourself out yet. Maybe this is an implantation bleeding. Sounds about the right time to have it too! Good luck

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3 years ago

K and thank you????

3 years ago • Post starter

Do u know when u ovulate cuz if it's the average then it could b implantation bleeding give urself three days in between each test for the hcg to rise it doesn't show up toll u have implantation and actually a few days to a week or so sometimes two for it to pick up the test plus the fact of how sensitive the test is n ect

3 years ago

Desiree, It came on the 22nd and I didn't fill up a pad but I change like 3 pads.. On the 23rd no bleeding.. 24th spotting that's it....My cycle wasn't due till the 28th today..I took a test and negative on the 27th

3 years ago • Edited • Post starter

They say anything more then spotting or less then enough to fill one pad is considered spotting still if u have a average 28 day cycle u should of ovulated round CD 14 fertile days being the cd9 to CD 15 14 being most fertille now implantation usually occurs 9dpo is most common but can happen anywhere n a 7dpo to 14 dpo 9dpo being mist common but 9 to 12 dpo is common but can happen all the way to 14 dpo which usually occurs about 5 to 7 days before a missed AF I hope this helps u but if u danced at the right times and everything else fits u could b prego n its just implantation bleeding which is fine n BTW I've seen it take up to 15 dpo to show a good positive so u could b just to early to detect u also have to consider how reg ur cycles r pay attention to what feels different to u now then ur norm and ect im sending u baby dust also though please b aware most implantation is more dark then average although mine was bright red so don't freak over color look at everything as a whole n c if it fits for implantation gibe ur body time like three days after last tested n try to test again I hope this helps good lucks message me of u have any more ?s n how long does AF last for u normally mine is always short

3 years ago • Edited

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