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Hey there just wondering how many people have had any success stories of seeing a chiropractor to help ttc ... i just recently started going to one and his said that both my neck and pelvis are out of wack and can effect everything from hormones to bowl movement's as in my body by his books hasn't worked correctly for around 10 yrs *( i had my first mc around 10 yrs ago ) .

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Absolutely!! I had great success, and my pelvis and hip was all locked up too. I went to him for 3 months, and got pregnant with my rainbow baby who is celebrating her first birthday in two days! I had been trying for almost 4 yrs after having a stillborn full term. I had even had an HSG and the doctor told me that my left tube was completely blocked, and I'm over 42 and my eggs were too old. I had a couple of chemicals, but no sticky babies past 4.5 wks. Then I had the chiropractic adjustments to my hips, about 6x a month for three months when I got my positive BFP. Then later one, at my first ultrasound, they were able to tell that the egg came from my LEFT TUBE, which had become unblocked - probably from the adjustments. All good eggs on that side, apparently! Good luck, but I think you are doing awesome - give it time and do the exercises they give you. You will see results. I always tell people that my chiropractor got me pregnant :)

37 days ago

Thankyou and congratulations on your rainbow baby . I've read a few things online about people getting pregnant after seeing a chiropractor its really good to get a reply saying it is possible. So far ive only been going for 2 weeks so hopefully by my next scan we'll see dome good improvement with my pelvis as is completely out of wack .

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Seeing the chiropractor is great. I go because I had a back injury 17 years ago and my last 2 pregnancies were smooth sailing ( minus a few hiccups here or there). Going to the chiropractor also will benefit baby ( once conceived of course).

30 days ago

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