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Over 2 weeks later but got negative result and no show of AF

Hi ladies,
I'm new in here. Thanks for popping in.

I'm 16 days late for my period. I started taking pregnancy tests ever since 4/5 days before the AF due, all of them came out negative.

It's been 52 days since the first day of my last period. My breast stay the same size but hurt when stabbing them from some angle, and I had some cramps in the lower belly. I never experienced this before. In the past, before my period, my breasts got bigger and hurt when pressing them.

I'm now worried about my body with a little hope that I might be pregnant. Anyone having/ had same experience? Please leave a comment. Let me know if I should do anything about it.

Thank you so much!

I used to have really long 45-day cycle in 2010 and 2011. In the past 5 months, the cycle day reduced to an average of 35 days.

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im in a very similar situation to you ... im 12 days late today, cd 41 and all the test's i have used have been negitives with a few squinters of a line well thats if i havent got line eye lol
i had a cp last month but befor that i have always been regular,
the doc told me to be patient when i went to him at 7 days late and said i probly have ovulted later and because my cycles are reg im prob pregnant but hormaones are too low to show in my urine..
anyway im going to the docs again tomorrow to hopefully get a blood test done ...
have you had a blood test done yet?
fc we both get some answers soon all the best sarah.

5 years ago

AF showed right after I posted this article.

5 years ago • Post starter

aww sorry to hear that hun :( fc you get that bfp very soon x x x

5 years ago

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