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Nipple Piercing

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone here has gotten a nipple piercing while TTC? I sort of spontaneously got mine done this week and although I’ve yet to conceive and It may not even happen, I was still wondering just in case about what I should expect? I know my breasts will likely grow and ache, will this affect the new piercings negatively to the extent of having to take them out?

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Don’t have nipple piercings, but here’s an article about it. Sounds like if it’s healed by the time you get pregnant, it will be ok and more of a comfort thing as to whether or not you keep the jewelry in. I wouldn’t worry too much. I know ladies who kept their belly jewelry in while pregnant and it was fine.

11 days ago

I'm not sure how much pregnancy would affect ur piercing, everyone's breasts grow differently during pregnancy. I don't have this piercing, but I do have my belly done. Generally I can get to around 30wks with my piercing still in, after that, things start to get tight and I can feel it pulling. With my first, it stayed in the entire pregnancy, but when I shrunk back down to my pre-preg size, the piercing was loose and barely being held in. Lesson learned, I took it out after that (got it repierced). When I had it redone, the piercer told me about maternity jewellery. It's basically a bendy "bar" that flexes with ur body, so it puts less pressure on the skin and less stretch to the piercing hole. I bought mine on ebay. It's just a long piece that u cut to whatever length u want and thread with the balls from ur metal jewellery. If u have a hoop, then u *should* (don't take that as a guaranty) be ok. The bend would decrease pressure somewhat. U could also leave it out once it's tight, and just run the jewellery through it every few days, to keep the hole open.
Sorry I couldn't give u a more accurate answer for the actual piercing u have.
Good luck! =))

Worst case, call ur piercer and see what they say.

10 days ago

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