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Hysterical Pregnancy

Hysterical, emotional, false- whatever you want to call it. Have you ever had one?
I got my blood test results back yesterday. Negative blood pregnancy test, negative STI screening, negative for PCOS markers. Totally normal. That same day I got the blood test results, the 60th (and last) day of that cycle, I got my period.
What happened?
I’m having an ultrasound on Wednesday. Maybe something about a cyst. I just don’t know.

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Hi just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’ve never had this happen, but looking back at your tests I would have definitely thought they were faint positives. I’ve had chemical pregnancies where I had faint positives at home but by the time I got to the dr for bloodwork, my hcg was less than 5 and they acted like I was crazy. It’s not a good feeling. My periods were delayed by a few days. Aside from PCOS, rapid weight loss or gain can screw with your cycle. Thyroid issues can too, so if they haven’t checked your thyroid, ask about that. I hope you heal from this experience and get that BFP

8 months ago

I’m having the same problem, I had a miscarriage in August and haven’t had a period and have had positive tests since October but my blood tests have been negative I’m so sad ????

8 months ago

Update- I think those faint positives were evaps, and I’m pretty sure I just didn’t ovulate. I feel a lot better now that I’ve started a new cycle. If you’re in this situation, I would go to the doctor and get some tests. If there’s no known cause, a few doses of progesterone should kick your body back into gear.

8 months ago • Post starter

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