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Conflicting test results!

Hi ladies, I was hoping for some insight here. I am currently on the pill, so I don’t consistently get a period. I randomly took a cheapie 88 cent pregnancy test a few days ago because I was going to drink some wine and just wanted to be sure. To my surprise it came back faintly positive. That same day I took another cheapie and it was negative. I waited a few days and then I took a first response yesterday afternoon around 6pm and got a faint but obvious positive. Today, I took another first response and A clear blue and they were both negative again! I am so confused as to what is going on. Chemical pregnancy? Too early to pick up a consistent amount of hcg?? False positive? If anyone has had a similar experience please let me know! I’m going crazy

Since I’m on the pill, I can’t say what DPO I am or if my period is late. So it makes the situation even trickier.

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I’m not sure I can help but I’m in a similar boat. I stopped taking the pill 4 weeks ago and have been getting faint positives on eBay tests but negative on any other tests. I’m assuming the tests I have been using are giving false positives??

26 days ago

I’m sorry you’re having the same problem! I wish we could just get a straight forward yes or no! Maybe our only option is to just wait it out. It’s so hard not to test like crazy

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I don’t have a 100% fullproof answer on that as I’m kinda going through the same thing. I stopped my birth control pills last month to start ttc. Have been getting very faint positives with frer but nothing on cheapies . Very disheartening. ???? but I do know frer are very sensitive compared to other brands so I’m just hoping ???????? Going to the store to buy more today, as I haven’t tested since Saturday.

24 days ago

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