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miscarriage - how long after do you ovulate or period start?

my 8 week pregnancy ended up in miscarriage. i'm back on the TTC horse.
my pregnancy ended with a subchorionic hematoma of the placenta. plus there wasn't an embryo in the sac.
anyway, i'm not giving up!
how long do you ovulate right after a natural miscarriage (without D&C) and do i have to wait till my full period to TTC

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Hi! I'm sorry again for your MC. I had a similar experience @ 7 weeks. I wanted to let you know that with mine i bled for about 8 days and i counted the first day of heavy bleeding as CD 1. My MC was mostly natural although i did take cytotec at the very end just to make sure everything was cleaned out. I then ovulated on CD 18. I usually ovulate anywhere between CD13 and CD20 -- i'm slightly irregular due to PCOS but i know for sure because i BBT. I would watch for your normal O signs and expect it to come on time or a few days late. It all depends on how long the HCG is in your system (I was still testing positive on a HPT for a week after the bleeding started). You can safely start to BD as soon as the bleeding stops.

Anyway, doc always says to wait for your next period before you try again. The main reason for this is because they will have hard time dating your next pregnancy if you get pregnant again before your next period. But if you BBT, then you can track ovulation and let them know when you ovulated. There are some other reasons to wait -- if you have not healed physically meaning all of the tissue has not come out and your uterus is not ready to accept a new pregnancy. Only your doctor can tell you that with a scan. I had a scan a couple of days after the bleeding stopped and doc said everything looked normal. The other reason is if you are not ready yet emotionally to try for another baby. Sometimes you need to give yourself a little time to grieve. I was ready to try again immediately, which we did but we were unsuccessful until the 4th cycle after MC. Good luck to you and hope you get your rainbow baby soon!

8 weeks ago

thank you so much for your experience. i actually bled for 3 weeks, then i had a miscarriage last friday. i still bled till about tuesday of this week. and have not spotted or bled since then. i have not considered any days as CD#1 until i bled next. i'm not really sure when ill ovulate but we started BD anyway.

8 weeks ago • Post starter

Sounds like a plan! Just monitor your secondary signs and i'm sure you will get right back on schedule!

8 weeks ago

MC Naturally @ 11 weeks on 9/7 hcg last week was 11 started period on 10/9. Fingers crossed I’m back on track and will ovulate. It’s been a hard month I hope I never go through this again. We were so ready for baby 2 I’d be almost halfway but everything happens for a reason

8 weeks ago

@ihope2B - this is my 3rd one. its extremely hard and exhausting 100% but our rainbow baby will be here before you know it! just stay positive and keep trying.

7 weeks ago • Post starter

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