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Hello everyone,

So I never heard from specialist or GYN. I called abt results and they told me that Both ultrasound look normals. What does it mean? I don t have PCOS anymore? I got no answer. Left msg for DR. No one followed up with me. I even asked her for Clomid since it was not 1st time for me and we talked about it that it was a possibility, I ask for the prescription. Never got response, prescription, nor follow up. I will call again on Monday. In the meantime, AF showed up exactly 14dpo. Which means that I probably ovulated on my own this cycle and bd timing was perfect. It just was not time yet. Praying that we could get pregnant this cycle. Still going to opk and bd every other day. I'm currently taking prenatal, iron pills and thyroid pills. Husband has reduced drinking alcohol and he is also taking vitamins. We are eating healthier and mostly home cook meals. Hopefully we will get pregnant soon.

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I'm sorry they aren't getting back to you! That's so frustrating and not a good way to start out with a new patient. Maybe you can find a more responsive office?

38 days ago

Yes I think that you are right. I am going to a community health center because it just takes forever to see an actual Dr. Here. But I will wait for my new insurance to kick in and once it does, if I am not pregnant yet, I will look into seeing private. I was not able to call today but I will tomorrow and hopefully I will have a favorable answer.

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37 days ago • Post starter

Definitely sounds like you need to find a new clinic. One that will give you answers and respond quicker. Good luck this next cycle!

35 days ago

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