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8 weeks pregnant, Subchronic Hematoma of the placenta


as some of you may know i got my BFP on 09/04 ( so exciting ) however, i been having complications. i started spotting on and off for a week, then bleeding more and more brown. now this week monday i started clotting. went to the ER and was told my gestational sac is measuring 5 weeks 0days. however, there was still not fetal pole in the sac. they said i could either miscarry or im off by a week or two. today i am nearly 8 weeks and still no fetal pole. this is frustrating i want to tell my family the good news that my son will have a sibling but im not sure this pregnancy will last.

im still bleeding and clotting, but the ER told me it could be the hematoma.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. Has your doctor been measuring your HCG levels? If you HCG is below 2000 then it could still be too early to see the fetal pole. If the HCG number is not doubling, then the pregnancy is not progressing as it should. I sincerely hope you will go back in a few days and see the fetal pole and heartbeat. Good luck to you.

7 weeks ago

@lissa645 - my HCG levels are 11,600 as of monday. before that was friday and it was 7,300 then before that was monday it was 3,200. :(

7 weeks ago • Post starter

@amendoze I hope everything works out for you. Maybe they can do another HCG draw to see which direction you are going?

7 weeks ago

****UPDATE**** i ended up miscarrying not to long after this post. :( back to trying again! baby dust to everyone!!

6 weeks ago • Post starter

I'm so sorry

41 days ago

its horrible, but im eager to start trying again. i have to wait for a full period before anything.

41 days ago • Post starter

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