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Does anyone know why my tests have all been consistently faint?...I’m 18dpo and have yet to see anything darker than this picture.....I took my first test at 10dpo and it was pretty much a shadow. Took another one the next morning and it was more noticeable but definitely still so faint. When and got a clear blue digital that same day (11dpo) and “pregnant”!...Is been testing with Wondfo dip strips which I used with my last pregnancy and I saw the line get consistently darker. By 18dpo it was definitely as dark or darker than the control line, but this time around my positive is still just very faint!...Doesn’t matter if I use FMU or test later in the day, still a positive, just faint.....I also took 2 FRERS thinking maybe it was that batch of Wondfos and THOSE positives were faint too. I took my second clear blue digital on 9/9 (16dpo) and “pregnant” still popped up. But, I’m getting a little weirded out that my tests haven’t gotten any darker. I’ve also had off and on spotting since the day my period was due (4 days ago) but it’s only been when wiping...that’s kind of been what’s caused me to want to keep testing....I haven’t seen my midwife yet as I’m just 5 weeks today, so I figured I’d come on here and see if anyone else has had this same thing happen where all their tests have been faint from the getgo?.....Twins also run in my family and my husband jokingly mentioned twins and so I looked it up and did see something mentioning that twins can cause spotting as well as faint tests due to higher HCG....Anyway, if you’ve read this entire thing, you’re a saint!!! I just want to know if it’s generally ok that my positives have stayed consistently lighter than the control line from 10 - 18dpo.

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I’m not sure why your tests aren’t getting darker. If you think the tests are light because the hcg is really high you could dilute your urine with some water and test to see if the line gets darker.

5 days ago

I think is better if you arrange for a scan next week. You may be able to hear the heart already and it will be reassuring. Keep us posted. All the best.

4 days ago

I'm not really sure why either.. sorry but yea try to get a scan done

3 days ago

Thanks ladies!!! So, they’re finally getting darker. Slowly but surely. I have my first appointment on Monday though so I’m praying that this little baby sticks and all is well!! I just took this test about 5 minutes ago and this showed up this dark within 2’s still lighter than I ever remember my past pregnancies and tests being, but, it’s definitely darker than even the one I took at 18dpo (today I’m 20dpo) so I’m still holding out hope!!

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