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Watching my HCG

After multiple losses, I've been going for blood work every two days to watch my HCG rise. I've suffered later losses, but I've never watched my HCG this closely. Is it possible that it would rise perfectly normally and then I'd still lose the baby? I know there's no guarantee, just curious others experiences.
(Had MANY chemical pregnancies over the last year, but I've lost babies at both 11 and 16.5 weeks. No stranger to miscarriage over here :/ )

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Hey there. Sorry to hear about your losses. I know each is more heartbreaking than the previous. I hope this is your rainbow baby! I don't really know the answer to your question but can share my experience for what it's worth. I have had one chemical and one natural MC at 7w1d. With my miscarriage, my HCG doubled consistently until the end of week 6 when I saw some spotting. I went for another beta as soon as the spotting started and that's when we discovered the number was not doubling anymore. It seems to have started strong but leveled off and then started dropping when the bleeding started. So...I would say it is definitely reassuring to see the number double, and as long as no symptoms of MC (e.g. bleeding, heavy cramps) then you should be fine!! With your history of loss, I think you're within your rights to ask your doctor for an early scan. As early as 6 weeks you could hear a heartbeat on a vaginal scan. That would certainly give you the reassurance you're looking for!! Good luck and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!

5 months ago

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