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Is it bad to let lil one fall asleep on you? Or to nap on you?

Everyone is saying its a bad idea to allow my lil one to nap in my arms or to dall asleep on me... Yet lo sleeps alone in her bed. Like is it bad to let lo have small naps in your arms?

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If u r awake it should b fine but if u feel even a little tired but her down to nap its actually good bonding for mom n dad n nicu this is called kangaroo care which in nicu u usually r bare chested n child is just n a diaper but it is OK if ur alart n can watch her breathing n ect

11 months ago

I do all the time as my son is a light sleeper and easily wakes up to sudden movements. I find it helps with the bonding as you look down and see their chest rise up and down; it puts a smile on your face.

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11 months ago • Edited

Baby can definitely sleep in your arms! It is the best place for baby to be.The more bonding time the two of you get the better for both. You want to make sure you are not completely exhausted and that you are in a position that is really safe (where baby can't fall if you dose off...etc.) but besides that it is fine. Doctors will say you absolutely can't fall asleep with baby in your arm but it wasn't realistic for me. My son wouldn't fall asleep or stay asleep unless he was on me for a while when he was about 5 months old so that was the only way for both of us to get any sleep. I felt like it was safer for me to sleep with him in my arms than to not sleep at all and have to take care of my toddler and baby the next day being half delirious from lack of sleep... Do what works for you. Your mommy instinct knows best usually.

11 months ago

Thank you ladies! This is so reassuring! I find that when shes in my arms shes in a much deeper sleep, she does sleep in her bassinet, she also sleeps really good on my bed....all the while i watch netflix. Now is it okay if they go past a 4hr feed time frame? She is now 2 months old and sleeps up to 5+ hrs maybe sometimes 6. Is that too long?? I hate to wake her to eat when she doesnt seem to be hungry when she sleeps like that. Shes got a steady weight gain, so i dont think i should wake her every 3-4hrs to eat especially if she eats 5oz a feed right...

10 months ago • Post starter

She will wake n tell u when she's hungry don't wake her to feed her she's just learning to sleep through the night but if she sleeps longer or goes longer witout eating the more shell want to eat when she wakes up

10 months ago

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