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Pregnacare Conception (Again!)

Apologies for this rambling rant:

Has anyone who has taken pregnacare conception experienced the same symptoms as I’m currently experiencing?

We both started taking the his and hers pregnacare conception (with our main meal in the evening) after my AF finished so I’ve been on it for nearly four weeks now, and I read that it can delay your period which seems to have happened with mine which is frustrating as even after my MC mine have been like clockwork.

At first I’ve felt great since I’ve been on the pregnacare then last Sunday (28 Jun) my breasts and nipples started to get really sore then since then the pain has increased and they are covered in dark blue veins and lots of little purple spider veins and my actual nipples have white spots on them. I’ve been embarrassing overly weepy (I’m already an easy crier). I have a sore lower back; hips and calves.

For the past four days I’ve been waking up really nauseous with a headache and for the past three I’ve been throwing up (but my MIL & SIL had a bug so that’s possibly an explanation for that). My CM is also quite creamy and (Sorry TMI) I’m much more damp than I should be at this point in the month.

I’ve tested six days before my missed AF; two days before it; the day it was due and the day after and everything is a BFN.

I do normally have some mild symptoms including breast and back pain and cramping the the few days before AF and I’ve not even had cramping yet.

My miscarriage earlier this year was a blighted ovum so I really wanted to keep taking the pregnacare but now I’m not sure what to do.

Also - I get married in just over a month so maybe wedding stress is affecting things???

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Personally I'd just go straight to the pregnancy vits, I've fallen pregnant 3 times first/second month of trying and I've always started taking Seven Seas pregnancy vits about 2 months prior, when I read the ingredients of the conception I didn't find them that different to be honest just more expensive

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