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I wander how much truth there is in this statement?

According to some Specialist I seen online, A 35 year old woman has just 3 to 4 chances a year at getting pregnant. If she is producing 1 egg every cycle, they say 1 in 5 of those eggs is viable and can produce a baby. That means I could go 4 months and not produce a good egg. I am going to start taking cq10 and B6 complex this month. Dont know if it'll help, but all I can do is try. I am turning 35 in December and freaking quite a bit.


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I take CoQ10 (make sure its the ubiquinol version) and also B6. I've been taking them since starting TTC (along with tons of other stuff). I take 100 mg of the CoQ10 but i've read some people take up to 800 mg a day to see a real difference with egg quality. The only downside is that it is very expensive. Good luck!

1 year ago

Ill be 35 next month. Im getting worried about it too. I have enough trouble now I get to add the age factor.

1 year ago

Well I’m really freaking out now as I just turned 38 in June Makes me really worried since I have a scheduled consult in Sept for IUI. I did have my CD3 and progesterone checked and all came back normal. Progesterone showed a good ovulation for that particular cycle and all those test were done in July of this year. So here’s to that I ovulate regularly and not just a few times a year..Unfortunately we’re faced with male factor (low count) so I’m truly hoping the RE has some suggestions for us

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