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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Just praying for bfps for all of us.

Ok so I have dry cm around this close to af and im having ewcm. which I normally get at ov only.. but ive read you could get it before af too. Please let this be a sign

God Bless

4 years ago • Edited

I hope you get your bfps soon!
Here’s my frer from yesterday and the clearblue from one hour ago. Today is 13 or 14dpo (i may have miscalculated). Please be sticky!

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TTC #2

4 years ago

Congratulations @Russian

Sending prayers to anybody who's on to another cycle, and luck to everyone waiting for O and in the TWW

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL, just basically been holding my breath since my BFP praying for baby to stick. I keep testing like a crazy woman - my lines are still getting darker and my digital test yesterday said 3+ weeks, so I'm hoping this is all a good sign. I've got an early private scan on the 16th, when so should be nearly 7 weeks

4 years ago

@russian It's serious only if pregnant. Miscarriage risk is 10% and it can cause anemia and hydrops in fetus. So I'm not only worrying if this bean is going to stick. Not taking my son to daycare is not an option because I have to work and we don't have any family close.

@Shay I really hope you get your BFP. As you said it's early to test. You might have just only implantated.

@kait I'm sorry for you not getting to start clomid yet. If you don't get pregnant now I really hope Clomid helps next cycle.

@AGamerWife fingers crossed for you too! Before I got my bfp I got a lot of cm. Maybe it's a sign for you too.

@Burkette Good luck! Hopefully everything is well in the scan.

AFM. Tomorrow my AF is due. I hate that there's nothing I can do but just to wait and see if I continue to be pregnant. I've been considering a private scan too. But it's probably too early to make an appointment. And if I miscarry it's going to be hell to cancel it.
Yes, I worry too much...

4 years ago

Kait I’m so sorry your appointment didn’t made you feel good! I hope you won’t need to start clomid. I’m having my fingers crossed for a little surprise.

Shay Hopefully your test will have two beautiful lines in few days! I really believe this is your month!

To all the bfps congratulations and to everyone waiting to test be strong!!
Anyone who’s waiting to ovulate you got this!! Have fun and hopefully a baby will be the result

I’m so sorry for my rant the other day and I know it’s not nice to have someone whining as you’re all on the same boat!
I’m currently 13DPO and AF is on her way. My pms cramps are here, temps dropping so tomorrow she’ll be here. I used all my tests and they were all negative. At this point I don’t think I will keep trying any longer.. it was a draining journey and I have to face the fact that we’re probably infertile and our age won’t help! Thank you all for being here for me when I needed it. I’ll probably keep coming here for a while since I got so used of this forum and I really wanna see your bfps but I’ll probably be silent. Thank you ladies and good luck

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4 years ago • Edited

@Alexplpl I'm still praying for a little miracle for you lovely Spend some time taking care of yourself, and nurturing your wonderful relationship, you never know what can happen

4 years ago

@Alex I completely understand and we will all be here for you whenever you need us xxx

Afm - sorry I've been a little quiet. So much going on since my chemical last cycle. We started the process for the iui on the second day of bleeding. Emotions up and down. I've finally got a Peak on Clear Blue this morning so back for another scan in an hour to see if my follicles are finally the right size to take the trigger. This has all been very stressful coordinating appointments especially around work. xx

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4 years ago • Edited

@alex awh I'm so sorry that you're feeling that way. We all appreciate your support here and I'm hopeful that you still get your baby.

4 years ago

Russian, Burkette, and Mira I am so excited for you. Try to relax and just enjoy it!!

Alex I completely understand. I am still hopeful a little miracle will show up for you!!

Scuba I am glad you have started the iui journey!! I pray this is the only round of it you need to do!!

AFM: negative test this morning. Temps are still up though. Not really sure what to think. Still no AF symptoms or other symptoms either. It is possible that because I had such a drop in temp at 9dpo that I am still too early to test. AF should be here any day now though. Not going to test again until Friday and only if AF doesn’t show up!

Good luck ladies!!

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4 years ago

@Russian congratulations! Thanks for the good wishes and for sharing the recommendation from doctor!
@ShayGosney I love your peace and how you are calm, I am happy the testing is not creating too much stress on you. You are doing great!
@Gamers I am not an expert in temperatures, I hope you get your soon!
@Burkette, great news! Keep us informed after the scan.
@Mira I understand you are worry, I hope everything goes fine and your fears are away
@alex, you do not need to say sorry… we all understand and support you, it is really difficult all this. Be proud of you, you energy is amazing and I am going to miss you here :-) I wish you the best and you are welcome at any time
@Scuba great to hear from you, all the best for the IUI and try to relax when possible.

AFM DPO5 and I do not feel anything relevant to share, I am trying my best to keep the stress under control, yesterday I practiced yoga however I can feel my heartbeat rate is high and I wake up very early stressed thinking in the number of DPO, measuring temperature and of course all the work I have to do….
Have all a great day!

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4 years ago

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