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Lots of symptoms

I’m having lots of symptoms different from normal months and similar to my last pregnancy which ended in miscarriage . I thought I would track them here I’m always convinced I know when I’m pregnant so it will be interesting to see if I’m right again

I wasn’t trying to get pregnant we had drunk unprotected sex on last day of period but it isn’t the end of the world if I am . I had an inkling I might be last weekend when I was fruit picking with my eldest I felt so exhausted and breathless which isn’t like me this would approx 3dpo ( in basing this off when I was TTC my youngest 2 years agoish ) .

Since 7dpo I’ve been experiencing intense cramping like period pains , I’ve never had this before on a normal cycle and I haven’t had this in pregnancy until a few weeks in .

Cramping every day from 7dpo ( CD 17 ) up to today 11dpo ( CD 21 ) . Proper intense at times I’ve been getting in the bath and taking paracetemol to cope . I fell asleep yesterday on sofa 10dpo which is weird and unlike me .

I’ve been feeling nauseous with tingling boobs since cramping started 7dpo, tingling isn’t going away just getting more noticeable . I was out for drinks 7dpo and after 1 champagne I felt so sick and drunk , I got motion sickness on the train which is bizarre and after all this I have a feeling I might be pregnant .

I woke up on 7dpo and had a metallic taste but thought nothing of it until cramping and tingly tits started . I’m not due on until CD 28 so it’s a long wait for my period , I ovulate so early at day 10 approx .

3dpo : breathless exhausted , slight cramps but more from being super tired
7dpo : womb cramping started properly & tingle tits, feeling queasy , metal mouth, craving green fresh things, I can smell everything on the train
8dpo : cramping getting worse tits tingling away , off my food , smells are strong
9dpo: more cramps each cramping sesh lasts approx 2 hours and goes , tingling boobs , off my food
10dpo : tingling gets lots more noticeable , cramping is ramping up today lasts all day , I can’t eat anything I feel so nauseous and I am fatigued , everything smells weird
11dpo : cramping isn’t as intense , it’s manageable but it’s there all day , lotion white CM , nauseous , food tastes yuck( I even made the rest of my family taste it because to me it tasted rank and they all finished it and said it was nice ) , not hungry at all , tits tingling still , pelvis feels full and heavy

And that’s where I’m at ! I looked at my post approx 6 months ago and lots of the same symptoms which turned into a pregnancy . Unfortunately it ended in miscarriage at just under 6 weeks . I have a strong feeling I’m pregnant I can’t explain why I just feel pregnant . I’ve taken an internet cheap test which looks negative but I also think I can see the faintest line there . The likelihood of me being pregnant is ridiculously low , if we had sex on CD 6 and I don’t ovulate until CD 10 AND he pulled out I just don’t really see how this is possible but I thought I would record so if I’m not I can see the symptoms laid out day by day the next time I get a strange cycle that is just normal menstruation .

Also I’ve scanned the web for any intense cramping like mine and I can’t find anything to compare with so for anybody looking for the same my cramps feel like the beginning of labour or a really heavy period - everything I’ve read says implantation cramps or womb stretching is mild. The cramps I’m experiencing aren’t mild they really hurt I’ve been on the sofa or in the bath and taking paracetamol to ease the pain . I’ll update if any new symptoms arise / continue or if I start my period / am somehow pregnant .

Thanks for reading !

  UPDATE   Approx 12dpo maybe 11 dpo not 100 % on dates - I got a vvvvf line on a FRER today so faint I’m not sure it’s there . Boobs still tingling , they are aching now on the sides , cramps aren’t as bad today last night was horrendous . Today it’s more mild , some mild backache . Craving carbs I can’t stomach coffee or anything green I’ve been munching crisps and muffins , this morning everything smelt weird . I feel quite hyper and awake which is unusual but then I’ll be on the sofa and feel like I could drop off to sleep at any moment . This still might be just a weird cycle but something is telling me I’m pregnant .

Another update :

2 days late for my period now with no sign of it starting , very sore boobs , cramps are gonna just twinges now . Feeling nauseous and tired . There’s a weird pulling feeling around my belly button . I did a test Friday which was negative , the test I did previous on a FRER showed a very very faint line . I’m not going to test again now because it might be a chemical like my last one a few months ago and I got pretty obsessed testing most days . I’ll just wait a week for my period and if it doesn’t come I’ll then take another test

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Unfortunately pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be so similar. I can’t offer much guidance but time will tell. Good luck xo

5 months ago

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