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TTC For 3 Years

Fairly new here I’m 23 and my fiancé and I have been TTC for about 3 years now. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been to the lady doctor, I’m nervous and afraid to hear that I’m unable to have children. But I do plan to make an appointment very soon. My question is, those of you who have had difficulty conceiving, what did the doctor tell you was the reason? Or did they tell you to just keep trying and you eventually conceived? Any insight is appreciated!

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Our son took us around 17 months to conceive and we did a fertility checkup after a year. The only thing they found was that the motility on my husbands sperm was a little on the lower side. However, he also did have three times the normal amount of sperm too. So they saw no reason why we couldn't conceive ourselves. The doctor told us to try for a few more months and if it didn't work, we could procede to IVF. We actually conceived the same cycle where I did my HSG, to check that my fallopian tubes weren't blocked.

This time we have been trying for 2,5 years with no luck. Unfortunately I have no idea if there's anything wrong this time, since they won't help you if you already have a child.

What made us do the fertility checkup the first time around was because I felt that if there were something wrong that would cause us not to be able to have a child, or need the help to conceive, I'd rather know and be able to deal with it than not knowing at all. The whole process wasn't that bad, it concisted of some bloodwork, talking with the fertility specialist, a seemen sample from my husband and then the HSG. I even got to do an ultrasound at one of the appointments since I was ovulating around that day.

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5 months ago

Hi there! My husband and I have been ttc for 14 months and just finished our fertility workup. Everything has come back normal and healthy so we have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and now have some treatment options that we are trying. I would highly suggest going to the doctor to get some answers! I know it's scary, we were very nervous too, but it's always better to know for sure. Then you and your doctor can come up with a game plan going forward!
Keep me updated if you want!

4 months ago

I tried for 4 years with my daughter. Did an iui, fertility meds, all with no luck. The dr. Did tests everything seemed fairly ok besides a slightly low progesterone for me and they hubby's sperm had low motility. But we got pregnant naturally. Been trying again for 1 yr for #2. No luck so far. Sometimes it really does just take time. I would go though. It could be nothing, it could be something simple, but believe me, it's better knowing.


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Usually if u go to the lady doctor they want u to try n concieve natrurally for a year year nhalf before theyll even do a work up ive been tryin for a couplde of years and when i went since there was nothin obvious wrong n ive had a child years ago with a different partner they said to try for a year or year n half n if nothin happened to come back n they would do a whole work up in me nif everythin was ok wit me they would have hubby come n and do a workup

4 months ago

Jessilayne Hi there! It’s good to see that you’re so young and already seeking for answers. I was in the same position as you. Even though I’ve been to a gynecologist before, when I realized that we’re having difficulties to conceive I stoped going for a very long time. We kept trying and trying without knowing if anything is wrong and I was petrified to go to the doctor in fear that he’ll tell me that I’m unable to conceive.
Finally last year I decided that I’m running out of time (if not run out already).. He found out that I have thyroid problems (which now is under control) and that unfortunately I have one tube blocked which is not that bad but for sure it cuts changes to half.. after a lot of work I convinced hubby to do his checks and found some motility problems which now he’s trying to boost with some supplements doctor gave us. From this cycle we should see if the supplements will work.. unfortunately I don’t have a success story to share with you but I hope my example will be a motivation for you to go and do your fertility checks while you’re young! I’m 36 now and so mad with my self I didn’t go to the doctor when I was still had time.. My fears can probably have a high cost of me never be able to have a child of my own!
Please go to the doctor and don’t try to find answers on your own! Forums will always be available..
I really hope you’ll find your answers soon!!!

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4 months ago

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