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Who used preseed lubricant??

God is good

11 Comments • 40 days ago



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We've been using it for 9 months. Got two bfp but both ended early (not related to pre seed). We like it and I think it helps. I only use a little bit during fertile window because I have pretty fertile cm on my own.

39 days ago

I have, but only once.. my DH hated it. He said if felt good, but then his stuffs just went numb .. lol let’s just say we didn’t get to finish. We started using conceive plus this cycle, we like it.

40 days ago

I used it this cycle,( 2 times) lets see!!

God is good

40 days ago • Post starter

We used a few cycles when TTC. It made everything a little too slippery in our opinion... The cycle we conceived we didn't use it. My sister-in-law used it both times she conceived and they liked it!

39 days ago

I’m 5 days late so far after using it for the first time this cycle find what works for your body and partner, but it’s a good lube/helper for us

39 days ago


God is good

39 days ago • Post starter

My husband and I used it but only a little bit in my fertile week as it made things slippery.

User image[/url]

38 days ago

Did you have a BFP when you used it?

God is good

38 days ago • Post starter

My husband and I tried for 2 and a half years for our second. I'm currently 17 weeks preggers and we used preseed the cycle we conceived. We had never used it before but we were also taking all sorts of vitamins and changing our health lifestyles. My husband also took fertile aid for men for three months. I cant say it was for sure the preseed that did the trick but I'm a huge fan of it. We didnt use a lot either, just barely enough to get the little swimmers moving.

35 days ago

Used it as directed with inserts several cycles no change (and expensive if used as directed every time we BD) . We then just used it like we would a regular lubricant so it would be safe for sperm. We used it like this the cycle we got pregnant after an HSG.

17 days ago

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