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So Get This!!!

I feel like I'm already out for the month and I haven't even Ovulated yet
I am suppose to ovulated Wed or Thursday next week, but I'm leaving Monday for Church youth camp. Haha. So that means we will have to get busy Monday before I go. I keep think I cant even manage to get preggo when timing is perfect and multiple times around O. How is it going to happen when our only chance is 3 or 4 days before??? Lol It is what it is though! Lol

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The best time is two to three days before ovulation. So you never know

6 weeks ago

You never know! We only managed to BD 3 days before and the day after O and yet here I am... 10 weeks! Good luck! And if nothing else, enjoy your time away at camp!

41 days ago

I wouldn't count yourself out. I thought just as you the cycle we conceived DS#2.
We only had the chance to BD 4 days before ovulation took place (I knew the exact O date because I was taking my BBT, tracking my cervical position, CM, etc...and also my doctor was monitoring if ovulation took place/when it took place).
For 2.5 years we were making sure during our fertile time to BD tons to make sure we had the highest chance. And the one month I was 1000% sure we were out...was our month!

I've tried perfect timing...all types of methods and whatnot. And came to the conclusion that its whatever the one above wills for us and whatever time is right for us.

40 days ago

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