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Has anyone use this pill called Fertilitysmart?

God is good

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Never heard of it.. is it a supplement of some sort?

Oh and FYI, I saw you post your cycle on another discussion board, our cycles look very close.

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41 days ago

It’s a supplement pill.
Yes we’re twinnie

God is good

41 days ago • Post starter

Are you currently taking it or just thinking about it? How long have you been TTC? This is my 2nd cycle TTC this year. I tried a couple years ago for about 4-5 months and quit, it ended up being very stressful and put it on the back burner. Now I’m 33 turning 34 in a few months, so now I thought I’d get busy as I want at least 2!!!
Have you had any symptoms? I’ve had really sore bbs and nipples, and just cramps and bloated. The cramps haven’t felt good the last 24 hours so I’m really hoping it’s implantation! I really think I ovulate on July 2nd, not the third based on bbt, OPK, and symptoms. So that would make me 7 dpo. I was foolish enough to test this morning, BFN of course, and will continue every morning. Once I start I can’t stop lol

41 days ago

I’m currently taking it. I’m 34 yo, ttc for 3 months. First time trying ,it’s already stressful with those BFNs ????????????‍??.
I want 2 babies lol. For now I only have pelvic pain . Base on opks, CM... i ovulate on 4th of July . I plan to test at 10 or 11dpo????????????
I hope this will be our month.????????

God is good

40 days ago • Post starter

Hello twinnie!
Did you test today?

God is good

40 days ago • Post starter

Ya I did lol it was clearly a BFN
8 dpo is still very early.. so I’m trying to not let it bother me.
Will try again tomorrow! I was having really bad cramps yesterday and woke up today with none... so I’m hoping that was implantation?!?!? If it was, then it’s definitely too early.
I’ll just keep testing until BFP or AF comes.

Did you test ?

40 days ago

No I can’t . I don’t want to see another BFNs.????????
OMG it’s so stressful

God is good

40 days ago • Post starter

It can be very stressful. Getting a bfn on 7 dpo and 8 dpo isn’t so bad, but as I get into 9 dpo, 10 dpo, and higher with a bfn, it’s stressful and disappointing.

39 days ago

It’s exhausted ????

God is good

38 days ago • Post starter

How are you doing today? My temp plummeted this morning, and I’m pretty nervous if it will go back up .. I have a feeling it won’t and that AF is just around the corner. My cycle is anywhere from 26-34 days and I’m on cd 26, so it could AF could start.. I’ve had some cramps today, however, I never have AF cramps until AF has already started. So still have small little bit of hope!!! I’ll see what happens with my temp in the morning, if it spikes back up, and I will keep testing until AF actually shows. Definitely feeling defeated already for this cycle though ...

38 days ago

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