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confused by cm

Hi girls. Any one has advice it would be so helpful..i track my ovualtion with an app and this said i had ovulated last Tuesday me and my other hapf dtd. Few days ago i kept feeling cramps like af was due and had a slight sicky feeling but put this down to doing night shifts at work, for the past 2 days though iv had ewcm and today its like milky ewcm. This never happens to me normally only see this for one day which happend last week im only 4 days away from AF due. Can this be a pregnancy sign or am i just hoping. Any advice would be good please. Thank you xx

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I'm 4 days always as well and have whitish milky cm. I need this question answered as well. I responded to let you know you're not alone with this....

6 weeks ago • Edited

My cm have gone very watery now. I done 2 tests yesterday and both came back with a faint positive but then it disappeared. I. Going to do another test in a week and fingers crossed for you too ????.xx

6 weeks ago • Post starter

Today I noticed my cm was clearish watery. Also, this month my breast pain/soreness only lasted two days (Thursday and Friday). Typically it starts hurting a week or so before af and last until I start af then the pain stops.
If you got a faint positive line, even tho it disappeared, I still say your in the run to having a positive. I've bn getting nothing but I tested at 8dpo and 10 dpo. Af supposed to come in 2 days.

41 days ago

I took another test today and it was negative. Im getting right sided abdo cramps im shattered all the time and my boobs are tender. My cm is changing again, i dont think this is the month for me and AF is going to show ????.

41 days ago • Post starter

This month's battle isnt over until af arrives. And if she do arrive, try again. Yes, I know this can be crushing at times but we have to keep trying. How long have you bn ttc?
I'm truly praying that you get that bfp and if it doesnt come this month, that you dont feel as down. It's going to happen for you, Doll

Has your man bn checked (semen analysis)?

41 days ago • Edited

I think because it was my first faint positive i got my hopes up! Everyone say dont get your hopes up but its easier said than done. We have been trying on/off since march 2018. We are planning our wedding and moving house this month and im doing 60+hr weeks at work so there is alot of stress going on..iv told him we both need to go get check out thats the next step. xx

41 days ago • Post starter

Yes, you have a lot of positive things going on in your life; especially working as much as you have bn working (which is still a great thing)! Sometimes positive things could be stressful as well. Continue to work towards it (having a bby), make it fun (dtd), and use bding (baby dancing) as stress reliever; especially during your fertile window

41 days ago

So 12 days late now and still no sign of af. ????. Only getting negatives so disheartening. My dr told me to wait another 4 weeks before going in to get blood test and checked. Trying not to stress but i just want to know either way x

28 days ago • Post starter

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