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Absolutely feeling defeated....

At this very moment I just want to bawl my eyes out. I should be use to this, but some months, those months when everything falls into place, makes it sting just a little more. I keep telling myself today, Be happy that Avarie has lots of cousins around because she'll need them. The overwhelming desire to make my daughter a sibling is painful at times. But I know I just have to ride this out.

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*hugs*. That’s such a horrible feeling, I know it all too well. I bounced back and forth so often between, yes I want my son to have a sibling or maybe I’m good with just him. I know you’re positive will come! Have a glass of wine (if you’re sure you’re out this month) and clear your mind for next cycle. Hang in there girl!

Ps- I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you before, but I 100% credit coq10 for both pregnancies and recommend it to anyone I know who is ttc! Totally worth a go if you aren’t already taking it! Good luck!

3 months ago

I do definitively need to get some. I've taken everything else. It couldnt hurt to try something new!

3 months ago • Post starter

Good luck!

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3 months ago

I believe it will happen for you
I thought DS would never becoming a sibling, but 2.5 years later and we got a miracle BFP that was the sticky rainbow #2!
Don't give up hope. I know its easy to say than do. But I truly believe your rainbow will come!
What I did differently this cycle was I used preseed 30 minutes prior and I reduced the amount used typically by half! If you haven't tried it....I suggest it!

3 months ago

The only defeat is giving up. You might have not won this month's battle, but you will win this war! I believe that for you Now, you BELIEVE it, Doll

3 months ago

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