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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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@agatch I'm 11dpo. I started spotting about an hour ago so I'm guessing AF will be here full force tomorrow.

ETA: I didn't see your earlier comment about self control lol I was terrible the first few cycles with testing way too early. It kept making me disappointed more than anything else so I stopped. I'd like to just POAS the day AF is due or after and have an unquestionable line. Plus, I'm of the mind that ignorance is bliss when it comes to chemical pregnancies. I'd rather just not know than get excited and have AF show. It doesn't mean I won't be disappointed later on, but it takes that part of it out at least.

4 years ago • Edited

Ok y'all...might be a TMI here, but I wasn't charting or even trying this cycle and since my period has been irregular, I'm not sure if this is IB or not. It's very faint today and basically I have to reach up there to see any color, but hardly anything when I wipe. This pic is from this morning and I'm not sure if I should freak out yet. Sides of my boobs are mildly sore and I have had a headache all day and feeling slightly off when I stand up. Any ideas if this could be a bft in the making? AF is supposedly due Sunday...

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4 years ago

@punkrawkmama that should probably be posted in a separate post with a TMI warning. Unfortunately, there isn't much info that can be gathered from spotting in the TWW. I have spotted randomly before AF for no reason and everything I have read says IB is very rare. If you didn't confirm O, there's also a chance that you O'd early and this so the start of AF. Only a test will tell! Good luck!

4 years ago

Scuba so glad you found a doctor you like! Sorry for that but I didn’t like how your last doctor advised you about it! Hopefully you’ll be having an unassisted miracle this cycle and you won’t have to do the IUI. Fingers crossed!

Emma my goodness this is so cute! You must be over the moon! I know it’s not your first but does it feel every time like the first time?

Lalou it’s so nice to read that you’re on a diet plan that seems to work for you! Me and my hubby since we are both dancers, we are not exactly a diet but a certain eating lifestyle all the time. The one thing that keep us sane and won’t allow us to ruin our eating plans is our cheating day! Once a week we’re eating ANYTHING we want and is something like a big deal for us like our weekly date or something lol! We’re planning it all week and every Sunday is really a funday!! If you allow yourself this once or twice per week you’ll realize that you can go through even more hard diets!

Shay Fingers crossed girl!! It’s been such a strange cycle for you! I hope it will give you an amazing gift at the end of it!

Agatch I am thank you!! Actually tomorrow we’re leaving for 3 days, going on a wonderful place here in Greece called Ancient Olympia and we booked a beautiful hotel I’m so excited!!!! This I’m sure will keep me super busy on relaxing and enjoying everything around me so the hard part of my TWW will be piece of cake!!!!! How are you feeling?

I’m sure you all ladies know this bittersweet feeling after waking up from a dream where you found out you’re pregnant! Yup.. this happened to me again.. it was so amazing! I saw me getting the bfp, telling hubby and him (and me) crying like a baby, me going to the doctor, me trying no to tell to everyone lol.. I mean come ooooon!!!! A bfp dream could be enough! I saw a whole life in there It was so sad waking up from it.
6DPO today and again nothing much to report. Just waiting....

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4 years ago • Edited

@Alex your dream sounds amazing. I hope it will become true soon. Thank you very much for the advice. We might do that once we have built up the habits.

@Shay thank you so much for the teaching advice. I need to be able to forgive myself if I make mistakes and you are right, focus on classroom management.

@agatch thank so much as well for the advice.

AfM: felt a little off track by having some ice cream yesterday but my mindset is definitely better. Also my parents are coming home and I will be able to help my dad keep track of his sugars level. We are only going to support him by joining his diet due to his diabetes and I think that will help him to feel empowered as well. My mum and I will be joining a gym close by as well. She is physically stronger than me when it comes to exercise so I am looking forward to learning on her. No idea where my cycle is currently. We bd 3-4times this cycle, I have no symptom whatsoever. I do not even think that I could be pregnant since I am probably still not ovulating. I still have not found a OBGYN but I have made an appt with a fertility clinic. I just need to see which day will work so I can recall them and reschedule for an appropriate day. Until then,I am hoping that I won t even need to see that clinic. Also just found out that one of my colleagues is expecting. How exciting.!!!!
Staying positive and praying for everyone

@Alexhave fun in your mini vacay. Hope to one day visit Greece. In a couple of years maybe.

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4 years ago

Hi Alex, nice to hear from you xx
Yes I’m still in shock, I know it’s happening but still can’t believe it xx

4 years ago

Thanks ladies, no I’m going to have another surprise and not find out, team green as my nana always says xx

4 years ago

Emma that sounds like fun! I would like to have at least one be a surprise just for the fun of it, but probably not the first one haha happy, healthy baby is really all that matters.

4 years ago

That’s it kait, I just want a healthy baby, the children all want a sister so if I find out I’m having a boy I’ll have the next 4/5 months of them moaning too haha, I didn’t find out last time and they all wanted a sister again but when I brought my baby boy home they fell in love with him so I’m holding off again x

4 years ago

Awh that's sweet, I do hope they get their wish granted though!

4 years ago

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