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March/April TT 2020 babies

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Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies

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Awh Mistique, I'm sorry to hear that.

4 years ago

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA as well. We are still trying to get in the routine. It will be easier now that my mum is coming to help us with baby. I had a hard cry yesterday about my weight. I know that is the reason why I have stopped ovulating. I have never been this heavy before. Not even while pregnant. Husband and I have decided not to follow a diet but to focus on moderate protein healthy light fat and heavy veggies. A bit of grains as well. Move more pray more and positive talking to ourselves. No shame language. I'm staying positive now that we have a somewhat plan.
Congratulations again to all BFPs. I'm staying positive for everyone.
How are you Ana. Is it time for a new board?

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4 years ago

Hi ladies! It seems I ovulated later than I expected but now I’m 1dpo and my tww is on! I’m not sure anymore which side I ovulated since my pains were all over the place. I’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens! I really feel more relaxed than any other period of my life and I’m crossing my fingers that whatever we did to make this happen will work! If not then we have 3-4 months left to try and then we just have to accept that we probably never gonna have a baby!
I really don’t wanna think this way so I’m just gonna stay positive and keep my hopes that this summer will be the summer that I’ll be pregnant!!!

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4 years ago

@lalou that sounds like a great plan! Sometimes a slight lifestyle change is easier to maintain long term than sticking to a strict diet plan. You can do it! I know how depressing it can be to realize you've never seen that number on the scale before, but sometimes that can make you more determined to turn it around.

@alex fingers crossed for you!

I'm 8dpo and trying to just ignore anything that might make me feel like I'm pregnant or not pregnant. If AF doesn't show Friday then I'll take a test Saturday.

4 years ago

@alex I am very hopeful for you!! Something just makes me feel like this is your time.

@kait I know the pain of not trying to over think every little thing!!!

@lalou it is so good to see you back. I totally get the desire to work on a lifestyle change instead of a diet. It isn’t easy but having the support really helps!!

AFM: not sure what is going on. The day I should have started my period is the day I actually think I ovulated. It is so weird!!! Waiting patiently to see what happens. Going to wait till at least Saturday to test again to see. Originally my O date was back between the 8th and 10th of July. Now I am thinking it was actually the 25th. I guess time will only tell. Been cramping a good amount lately, lots of pinching and pulling feelings. Nips are still very sensitive, like sleeping without my bra on almost hurts because my shirt rubs too much. Been super hungry and pretty sensitive to smells. Like my nieces were here (we watch them for their mother while she works, not the best situation since she really doesn’t take care of them) and I could smell them even after they walked away!! We made them shower but my husband said he couldn’t smell anything, my mother-in-law and I were almost gagging though. And to top it all off I have a TON and I mean a TON of thick creamy cm. I don’t usually have enough cm to notice it on panties or liners but oh my goodness it seems to be everywhere!!! Trying not to get my hopes up since if I ovulated later we didn’t baby dance close enough for anything to come of it. We will see though. Looks like it is another long cycle for me unfortunately.

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4 years ago

@Mistique sorry for your loss. I hope you are wrong about this month and will get a lovely surprise
@Lalou sorry you were feeling down but it sounds like a lot of good things will come out of your new plan. Best of luck!
@Shay it’s great that you did ovulate this cycle but really unfortunate that is was later then you thought so you weren’t able to time Bding to match your fertile week. Symptoms really are a tricky business. Some months I would get more symptoms in my 2 WW than I have the past 2 weeks. I hope your cycles start being more regular now so that it is easier to track and predict
@Alex so glad to hear you are feeling relaxed. It is the best possible mindset for a baby to be conceived! I have everything crossed for you
@kait i’m impressed with your self control. I had become pretty good at ignoring symptoms and not thinking much of them one way or the other but I don’t think I can remember a cycle where I hadn’t tested by 9 dpo
I finally made my first appointment for August 15. I will be about 8 weeks at that point and will get an ultrasound. I’ve been feeling a little more tired the past couple of days and nausea is definitely starting to hit especially mid-morning. I’m really glad I’m finally having some symptoms.

4 years ago

@everyone hiiiiii lol

@Alex it'll happen babe just hold on okay you're almost there !!

@kait with my pregnancy I didnt have any symptoms at all no sore boobs nothing I only got morning sickness and when that went away nothing again so sometimes no signs is a sign and not all signs are signs... You've got this babe!!

@shay I'm sorry to hear that girl but hopefully it's not that long of a cycle

Let me know when to start a new board I'll give it a week?

4 years ago • Post starter

Thank you ladies!!! I am not going to count myself out just yet since we technically did bd in my fertile window. I changed my ovulation date on here and I at least still have an average chance lol not getting hopes up but not counting myself out.

@agatch I am so happy for you!! We all want to see pictures when you get them!!!

@anna you are so sweet!!! How are you doing?

Photo at least shows that our timing wasn’t completely terrible lol baby dust!!!

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4 years ago

Hi girls!!
Kait Ignoring signs and just wait it out is the best thing truly! Keeps you more calm and less obsessive about testing and if there was a line or not! I’m not always able to do it but for the last cycles I’m more good at it and I believe if you keep it you will have a great surprise with two strong lines when you get your bfp. Hopefully it will be this week!!

Agatch I’m so glad you’re feeling more safe experiencing your symptoms! You kinda have your tww now for your appointment So exiting it must be to be able to see your baby’s progress

Anna hi babe! How you doing? Have you and your SO decided for the name?
I believe next week for a new board it’s gonna be just fine!

Shay keeping the hope it’s always better than waiting for two weeks discouraged! I’m crossing my fingers that you had a hella strong egg and your hubby a super amazing swimmer so you’ll be having an amazing surprise soon!!!

AFM I’m 3 dpo and waiting! Nothing exiting lol

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4 years ago • Edited

@Alex thanks babe! You’re right about the new 2 WW! That’s exact how it feels. I hope we both get good news in about 2 weeks.
@Anna how are you feeling? Hope things have been easy for you lately
@Shay that’s awesome! You only need a few little swimmers to reach that egg so they hung around long enough and found there way there!

4 years ago

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