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False positives and benzodiazepines

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TL;DR medications containing benzodiazepines can cause false positive HPT results.

My partner and I have been TTC for almost 3 years now, and he has recently started on HCG and clomid to boost his testosterone and sperm count. I've also been under a lot of stress lately for various reasons including deaths in the family and have been having trouble with anxiety and sleeping, so my doctor prescribed me a short term script of Diazepam.
OK great, no problem! Or so I thought!

As it turns out there have been instances recorded of medications containing benzodiazepines causing (albeit faint) false positive results on home pregnancy tests, and this is exactly what happened to me!
I had just finished AF on CD5, 3 days after starting to take the diazepam at 10mg dose per evening, when I decided to take a 10miu hpt on a whim and lo and behold a faint line popped up right away! So I took another, and another, and another over the next 3 days and all of them came back with faint positives! At this point I was 100% sure I am definitely not pregnant so I was pretty confused and rang my doctor who arranged bloods which confirmed that I am not pregnant, so the false positives were almost certainly a result of the medication.

I just wanted to make other women aware of this potential cause of false positives because I would really hate to see any other woman or couple have false joy or hope over something like this. And because it is not listed as an official side effect in the patient information leaflet I was given, I had to research myself and consult my Dr to confirm this.

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