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Earliest ultrasound?

I had a transvaginal ultrasound today and they could not see the baby, just the cul-de-sac. They said it might mean it was just too early, but could also mean that something is wrong and that the baby is not developing properly. So I have to wait two weeks and then do another ultrasound.

If going by the first date of my last period (April 4) I’d be almost 11 weeks right now, however, my periods are irregular and based on when (I think) I ovulated I thought I was more like 6-7 weeks. First BFP was on June 8. After a physical exam a week and a half ago the doctor agreed she did not think I was that far along because of the size of my cervix, and said I should wait another week and then do the transvaginal ultrasound. The doctor today that I’m likely more like 5 weeks, 5 days based on the ultrasound today, but the ultrasound tech had said there was no way of knowing because she couldn’t see it to measure it.

From what I understood beforehand, I thought that transvaginal ultrasounds could detect the baby between 5-6 weeks. But alas nothing yet.

I guess I’m just wondering how far along you all were before being able to see the baby in an ultrasound? Anyone else had the transvaginal early on? I know that the “typical” ultrasounds are usually more at like 8-9 weeks.

But I’m just sort of concerned now since it could just be normal or it could mean something is wrong and I have to wait two weeks to find out!

I also feel like this week I’ve had sort of a drop in pregnancy symptoms and haven’t been noticing as much as before. My breasts are somewhat tender, but barely noticeable. I had really bad cramps last night that freaked me out, but they eventually went away, (suspected it was gas now per ultrasound,) and I haven’t had any bleeding, just very slight pink/tan tinge in discharge this week.

First time mommy here so I’m very anxious about everything...but trying to stay calm for baby! Any thoughts?

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@NewtoMommyhood Hi! Let's see...since you can't accurately rely on your LMP (last menstrual period) to date your pregnancy, the best we can do is use the date you got your BFP and work backwards. Based on your BFP date, I'm guessing you're currently somewhere between 5-6 1/2 weeks...which is what your doctor was measuring based on the size of your cervix. I think it's highly unlikely that you are further along than that...which is potentially good news! At 5-6 weeks, its common not to see much or anything at all.

My experience? So I went for an early scan at 5+4 and they could only see the gestational sac and the yolk fetal pole (baby) or heartbeat. They also said based on the sac, I was measuring a few days behind (and I have a very regular cycle). They had me wait 2 weeks and saw me again at 7+3 and there was the baby and a heartbeat of 148 bpm! Today, I am 9 weeks.

It is also VERY common for symptoms to come and go...I found out at 3+4 and felt completely normal until 6 weeks and felt AWFUL until last night...I'm feeling more normal than I have with minor breast pain.

Try to take it easy and enjoy the time you have...I know this is easier said than done. I was quite anxious (hence the early I had 3 blood tests to confirm doubling) because I had a miscarriage around 6-7 weeks in 2015. If you want some extra assurance ask your doc if they can do blood tests during your 2 week wait to ensure doubling and/or take some HPTs while you wait. Helped my anxiety a bunch.

I'm rooting for you, mama!

2 years ago

@Harmonyke Thank you so much for your response! That gives me some good insight and reassurance! I’m so sorry about your loss. Also so happy for you! Congrats and best of luck to you!

2 years ago • Post starter

Have you had a beta HCG blood draw? If your HCG is less than 2000 they won't be able to see anything on the U/S other than the sac. Based on the measurement of the sac, combined with the HCG value, they can more accurately date the pregnancy even if there is nothing to measure yet. Good luck!

2 years ago

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