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I’m baaaaaaaaaack

My son just turned 1 on May 24th. He’s a spitfire pistol that keeps me on my toes. He’s ornery and hardheaded but so compassionate and sweet. He loves giving me hugs and quite literally my favorite thing. He’s a total mamas boy. Lol
We’ve discussed that we’re going to start NTNP, starting NOW! My husband has some ED issues brought on by high BP, hypothyroidism and diabetes so we figured we’d give ourself more time to let things happen. Having a rambunctious toddler that sleeps in the crib that’s connected to our bed and lack of baby sitters, we don’t exactly have the opportunity to get it on often either.
Hoping my next pregnancy is less traumatic than the first. I had HG, undiagnosed Pre-e, a 36 hour labor that almost ended in c-section, and an eclamptic seizure the day after we got home. I now suffer from PPD, anxiety, and PTSD.

Baby dust to you all! I know I’m not familiar with most of you anymore so feel free to post a little something about yourselves! This page used to be my go-to for support. We’re all in this together. Hugs!

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Well, I'm hear. I've been on for a long time!!! Haha cmere over on cmp millbarnett over here! Trying for #2 for 1 year now. I have a 17 month baby girl and she keeps me on my toes! And yeah, not too many original faces here.

3 months ago

Hey! Lovely to see you back on the site :-) My daughter is 2 1/2 and have been trying for no. 2 since October. Just about ready to take my hcg trigger shot tonight and we'll see! xx

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3 months ago

@millbarnett: hey chicky!! How did I miss your LO?! Congrats 17 months late. I noticed it’s a lot of new ladies here. Sending you tooooons of baby dust!

@scuba.chick: hey! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your updates! Xoxoxo

3 months ago • Post starter

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