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True positive result??

Hi all,

Looking for some opinions!

The first day of my last period was April 4, so I know I’m super late, but my periods since being off of birth control pill starting in January have come about every 6 weeks, so still considered “irregular” and it’s been harder to truly track ovulation or when my periods will come. My husband and I have not been actively TTC, but we have had some instances where we haven’t exactly been “not trying” either, and we’d be ecstatic if it happened!

Based on how my cycles have been going, I expected to get my period around May 16-23. I never got my period, and didn’t feel any different, but decided to just take a test since my period was “late” for me. It was negative. A week later, still no period. Took another test, negative again. So at this point I’m thinking something is just wrong and I’m not pregnant but maybe my periods are just not regular yet since being off the pill (I never had regular periods before being on the pill,) or that something else was throwing it off, (I’ve been super stressed lately with work.)

Earlier this week I had some mild cramping and thought my period may actually be coming, with mild cramping intermittently the last few days as well, but still no period.

I decided to take a test this morning with the first urine of the day just to “rule it out” in my mind, but really didn’t expect a positive result after two false ones the last couple of weeks, even after a very late period. Then this happened. This was right after the 3 minute timer went off. It’s faint...but positive???

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That is 100% positive! Congratulations!

1 year ago

That’s most definitely a positive test! Congrats! You must have ovulated super late, when you weren’t expecting to

1 year ago

Ahh! Is there any reason to concerned about this cramping? Or is this normal?

1 year ago • Edited • Post starter

It’s normal. I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant and I’ve had some slight cramping. Is this your first? You cramp more with your first since your body hasn’t stretched that way yet.

1 year ago

Cramping is totally normal. Unless there is blood, it's nothing to worry about!

1 year ago

Congrats to you, @Oldlady82!!

No bleeding or spotting. Just cramping. And yes this is my first! Thank you, that makes me feel better!

1 year ago • Post starter

Congrats, that is definitely not a faint line! Like PP said, you probably ovulated later than normal.

1 year ago

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