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What do you all think?! BFP or BFN??

Took this yesterday knowing it would be far too early as I was only.8dpo. It came up straight away and is still there today. Just want to see if anyone else sees what I can see

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10 Answers • 19 days ago



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I can see it. I’m dpo 7 today and got a faint positive this morning on an FRER, but negatives on a cheapie and a digital. I’m a serial tester lol. I won’t trust mine until I see a solid line in a few days or more.

19 days ago

Thank you for your reply! I too am a poas aholic! I've done two FRER and a digital and both negatives but I'm still holding hope until AF arrives! Going to keep testing though cause the positive on the cheapie is giving me hope along with a few other things!

19 days ago • Post starter

Just done another frer and it's got the faintest line ever on!

18 days ago • Post starter

Stick baby dust sent your way!

18 days ago

I see it and I find those tests really hard to read most of the time! Good luck!

18 days ago

Thank you. Done an IC this morning the little strips and that says negative so I dont know what's going on. ????

18 days ago • Post starter

It’s still really early for both of us, so I’m going (to attempt) to just not test until 11 dpo. I’d give it a few more fats, girls!

17 days ago

Hey-its-brina .. Yeah it is I've not done anymore now I'm just going to wait until AF shows or doesn't to test. It was driving me mental

17 days ago • Post starter

Unfortunately I had a chemical... Just seen your profile! Congratulations!

12 days ago • Post starter

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