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One day BBT dip late luteral phase

Yesterday my temp dipped to 36.2c from 36.5c and I experienced mild cramps at 6dpo. Today my temp is back to 36.5c (before ovulation I averaged at 36.3c). Has anyone else experienced this and had positive or negative outcomes?

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Hi there!
Unfortunately there’s is not only one clear answer to this. Studies showed that approximately 10% of non pregnant charts had a dip and about 25% of pregnant ones had it also. That means that 75% op pregnant charts didn’t have a dip.
Personally very often I have a dip midway after ovulation and never got pregnant but I’ve also seen many ladies who had a dip and were indeed pregnant.
The thing is that while progesterone hormone is responsible for the higher temps after O, estrogen which usually peaks right before ovulation is responsible for lowering them. Estrogen though can peak twice per cycle and this second time can be midway after ovulation and that’s why many women have a dip without being pregnant.
I dip also can be caused by the implantation which some times can be followed with some spotting, without that being necessary.
I really hope with you to be the second case if this is what you’re wishing for! Hope I helped, Good luck!!

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1 year ago

it's a secondary oestrogen surge and will occur on both pregnant and not pregnant charts for some women

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1 year ago

Thanks temp went back to 36.5c yesterday and 36.6c today

1 year ago • Post starter

Hi @MrsM2Be I'm one of the rare birds to get that dip/estrogen surge during my luteal phase and turned out pregnant (my chart attached). I had never had this happen in my charts before. I'd been traveling a few days prior, too, so I thought it might have been that, lol. I'm 6+6 today!

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1 year ago • Edited

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