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I wear my 30 like a super hero cap


The title says it all. I am officially 30 years old and I can remember as far as 3 years old. The best gifts besides having married my soulmate and my baby boy, is definitely to have both my parents. A lot of people do not have that chance. So I am so grateful for that. Thank you also to everyone for the support too. I am not pregnant yet but still TTC#2. My Dr. at least the one that replaced the one that I used to have and that supported me through all my issues and diagnosed me with PCOS , help me meet with an RE and gave me a referral for my Hashimoto well has left on medical leave and i don t think she is ever coming back. Anyway this new refused to give me the clomid prescription because she won t be able to monitor me (i would be gone in another city by then). Although it would have not been the 1st time that I have clomid. Either way i kind of understand her point of view but it still sucks because I won t be able to have a new doc until i have my new insurance established in the new state and that takes some time. Then i will have to research of course which Dr. Will work best for me. Needless to say that i probably won t have any clomid prescription until September at the earlier. So hopefully we won t need it. I do have Provera. So i am starting with it today for t days observed 2 days if no AF another 5 days. I have also promised myself to be healthier and to get better at moving my body. So I will keep you all updated.

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Happy Birthday!!!

12 months ago

Thank you Mommy.

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