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Ttc after loss... starting clomid.

I am starting clomid tomorrow due to trying for 6 months at 41 and not conceiving. I check opk and temp. So I get positives and temp shifts.

My last pregnancy was a spontaneous unmedicated frat twins, that were triplets. I started bleeding so I thought I was miscarrying that's when they told me I was miscarrying one and two had heartbeats. I gave birth to boy girl twins this past October and sadly my son passed at 5 weeks from RSV.

I am not getting any younger so we started this journey out of grief. No judgement no lectures please.

Here is the crux:
We r starting low at 50mg starting day 4-8. Anyone have a similar history for guidance. I just dont know if lightening will strike twice with twins or if I will even conceive with older eggs.
Thanks in advance ladies

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Bump, anyone?

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I have no similar experience .. I’m sorry for your losses, and I send you positive vibes and best wishes on your TTC journey!

2 years ago

I am so sorry for your loss. I miscarried in 31 March 2019 and was put on folic acid and baby asprin for 100 days. this cycle I started clomid on 03.06.2019 cd4 to cd 8. I am currently in my tww as well. How is it going for you this cycle

Praying for a

1 year ago

Angryyy I am in the tww... ovulate late. So 3/4 dpo today

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Good morning Zanfelhor. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the pain you and your family is going through. I had a miscarriage August 2016. The baby lost its heart beat at 10 weeks gestation. We have been trying to get pregnant again ever since. At the beginning of trying again it felt like we were trying to get the baby back that we lost. Almost 3 years with no luck we just really want to have baby. The pain will ease with time. I am now 40 years old and my husband is 36. We haven’t used anything prescription type fertile drugs but we did start using Fertilaid products last month, just to get a boost. Hopefully everything will work out for you, me and all the other ladies here. HUGS to EVERYONE

1 year ago

I’m in my fertile week right now. Fingers Crossed and HAPPY Humping ??

1 year ago

I hope this is my month. As if I am not successful in the next month. I will likely have to stop trying they say 3 months of clomid for 40 and up. Maybe femera for 2 months then they wanna move toward things I cannot afford. So cycle 1 of clomid I hope was the key. As I will only do one more cycle of clomid then move to femara for 2 cycles. If not successful then it will be quite for me. As I cannot afford IUI, donor eggs or IVF.

Sigh it's all in GODs hands.

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Hello mamma. I’ve been off this site for some time and I’m trying to learn their new system of I hope this is right
I am also a 41 yr old mom. We had a few years of infertility when I was 37-38yr old
I tried everything for those two years, finally I had a HSG done to verify no clogged tubes...all was fine but still no pregnancy :(
I finally changed doctors and we hit it hard
I ended up using clomid first (with no positive) then used Letrozole (Femera) and HCG trigger shots and got pregnant!! All that to say try the Femera....and I’ll be thinking and praying for you!
Don’t loose hope ????

1 year ago

Blessed this is the first cycle with clomid... in the 2ww now... ugh 7/8 dpo bfn this AM. I know early. But I have to find out as early as possible cuz I need to have progesterone the first 12 weeks usually.

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