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I have had sore nipple since 11 or 12 dpo - I am 17 dpo right now and they start to become less sore since yesterday.Should I worry? I still have a few other symptoms like bloating and light nausea. My temperature is still high,so is my cervix.I have light cramps, pressure and stretching feeling in my uterus but they are very soft and not painful at all.I am a little worried to be honest. Does any of you had experience with disappearing/lessening nipple/breasts pain in the first weeks of pregnancy?
TMI:My nipples still hurt when water from shower head hits them but they stopped being so sensitive to touch.

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That's very normal, try not to worry. Symptoms fluctuate, sometimes completely disappear, as hCG levels rise. For some women it happens in spurts. Their symptoms almost disappear for a few days, they panic, then everything comes back shortly after...with a vengeance. If there's no pain or bleeding, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying. At the end of the day, it's completely out of ur hands anyways. Don't miss out on the joys of pregnancy by focusing on ur fears. Everything sounds very normal, imo. I highly recommend putting away the thermometer (temps can fluctuate quite a bit when pregnant, no need to cause stress) and keep ur fingers away from ur cervix. U can cause bleeding (it's very sensitive when pregnant, don't risk infection so u can know where it's moves a lot too).
Congrats! =))

30 days ago

With my 2 boy pregnancies my boobs weren't sore at all. It made me worry some but they are fighting in the living room now so it all worked out

29 days ago

Thank you for your answers - They started being sore again after few hours actually.I hope I will stop worrying eventually. :)

29 days ago • Post starter

Hate to tell you, you're a mom now, you'll never stop worrying

29 days ago

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