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It's never going to happen

I'm 39 and have one blocked tube. My period comes every 20 to 21 days and for some reason I get an almost positive opk 2 days after my period. I guess I need to use OPKs cyclenday 4. I feel like giving up! I'm old, my eggs are dried up and Idk why I'm trying. I am going to my gyn next month and hoping she will give me clomid. I went to shady grove and they recommended IVF. I don't have the money for IVF. I'm just losing hope.

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Hey there! I’m (almost) 37 and one Fallopian tube closed as well. Never had a child or been pregnant before. I can feel your frustration believe me. Have your SO tested his sperm? We did Recently and found out he has low motility which now trying to boost with some supplements!
I’m trying for 8 years and I’m not losing hope.. I don’t want either to do IVF first of because of the money but most importantly, me and hubby we don’t wanna go through all of this knowing how draining it can be for a couple.
I’ve read a story of a lady once in one of those forums, which found out that she was ovulating during her menses.. I know it’s crazy and probably it cannot stand scientifically but that’s what she told and that she managed to get pregnant after she knew that she was O early. Women’s bodies are crazy sometimes and we just have to search and see what’s going on!
Thousands of women every month manage to get pregnant after many years of trying and I know I will be one of them soon. So do you! Don’t give up.. as long as you have everything tested and know where you walking, there are many ways to keep trying and boost all of this!!!
Hang in there hun! It’s gonna happen! As long as you have a plan it’s gonna happen!
Good luck!!

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1 year ago

Thank you! Hubby had sperm checked all is well! I am going to use OPKs while I'm in my cycle. That's the only way to know for sure if that's when I'm ovulating. I hope we both get our BFP soon. Hugs!

1 year ago • Post starter

Don’t lose hope! I’m 37, have a blocked Fallopian tube from a previous ectopic pregnancy (9 years ago), borderline hormones & was told there was a super low chance of my husband and I conceiving naturally on our own. Well I’m currently pregnant, got my BFP on the 23rd. I still have a lot of testing to be done and they are keeping a close eye on everything but I just wanted to tell you all to not give up hope! Hope you get your BFP’s soon!!!

1 year ago

Thanks and congrats! But, I just found out not only is one tube blocked the other is partially blocked. So IVF is my only option.

1 year ago • Post starter

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